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January 2017



PREAMBLE: This section outlines recreational opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and the general public offered by Campus Recreation. In January 2017 an outdated section on Swim Center use was removed. Unless otherwise noted, the text is as of July 1996. For further information, call 208-885-6381. [ed. 7-00, rev. 1-17]

A. Campus Recreation provides students faculty, staff, and to a limited extent the general public with recreation opportunities. Activities provide opportunities for:

    A-1. Spending leisure time in structured or unstructured sport and recreational activities.

    A-2. Meeting and participating with others who have similar recreational interests.

    A-3. Increasing interest in sport and recreational activities that can continue throughout the participant's lifetime.

    A-4. Developing group spirit and identity by participating together in play situations.

    A-5. Improving fitness and, consequently, enjoying a healthier body and a more alert mind.

B. Campus Recreation administers the following functional areas:

    B-1. Intramural Sports. The intramural sports program consists of structured activities that involve organized competition (men's, women's, and co-rec) in individual, dual, and team sports among residence halls, fraternities, sororities, off-campus student groups, and faculty-staff. Program direction, selection of activities, and development of operational policies are provided by the student managers of groups participating in intramural sports.

    B-2. Informal Recreation. The informal recreation program consists of unstructured activities in which facilities, supervision, and equipment are provided but for which there are few organized events.

    B-3. Fitness. Campus Recreation provides opportunities for individuals to acquire new activity skills, improve skills, gain knowledge and insight, and improve fitness through self-directed activities and non-credit classes for university students, faculty, and staff.

    B-4. Special Events. Special event programs provide opportunities to participate in organized recreation and sport events. The program meets needs and interests that are not met through competitive intramural sports programs or other recreation programs. [ed. 7-00]

    B-5. Swim Center. The Swim Center program provides:

      a. Opportunities to improve fitness through self-directed and staff-directed activities.

      b. Recreational swimming and aquatic play opportunities during leisure time.

      c. Structured fun and competitive special events.

      d. Noncredit instructional classes to improve swimming, safety, and rescue skills.

    B-6. Locker Room Services. Locker room services provide locker and shower room facilities and attendants, towel and locker service, and equipment checkout for physical education classes and general recreational use.

    B-7. Summer Session Recreation. The summer session recreation program provides special leisure-time opportunities for students and employees.

    B-8. Sport Clubs. In cooperation with the ASUI Recreation Advisory Board and the Director of the Student Union/Student Activities, the Campus Recreation unit manages the University of Idaho Sports Club Program.

C. USE OF RECREATIONAL FACILITIES. Access to the Memorial Gymnasium and the Physical Education Building for recreational use is as follows [ed. 7-00]:

    C-1. UI Students. Full or part-time undergraduate and graduate students may use recreational facilities free of charge (valid UI identification card required).

    C-2. Faculty and Staff. Faculty and staff members on regular appointment, as well as retired personnel, may use recreational facilities free of charge (valid UI identification card required).

    C-3. Irregular Help. UI employees not on regular appointment may use recreational facilities through the fee-based facility pass program.

    C-4. Special Programs. Persons attending UI-sponsored programs such as workshops, seminars, and short courses, may use recreational facilities with a special-programs activity pass available from the specific program director or coordinator.

    C-5. University Guests. UI departments may purchase passes that can be used by their guests for access to recreational facilities.

    C-6. Personal Guests. Friends and relatives may use recreational facilities as guests of students or employees. Guests must be accompanied by their UI host while using facilities. One-day guest passes may be purchased at the Campus Recreation Office during regular office hours. Guest passes are not transferable and are good only on the dates specified.

    C-7. General Public. Persons not connected with UI may use recreational facilities on a regular basis through the fee-based facility pass program. Some restrictions apply to children.

    C-8. Spouses. The spouse of a UI student or faculty or staff member may use recreational facilities on a regular basis through the fee-based facility pass program.

    C-9. Children and Youth. Children and youth, whether of a UI-related family or not, may use recreational facilities under the following conditions:

      a. All children must have a facility pass or guest pass.

      b. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied and supervised by their parents or guardians who are participating in the same activity.

      c. Use of the weight room is limited to individuals who are 18 years old or older.

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