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July 1996



PREAMBLE: This section provides information on the Law Library. For further information contact the Law Library (208-885-2160).

A. GENERAL. The College of Law maintains a library that houses the largest collection of legal materials in the state. The collection includes: statute and case law from all federal and state jurisdictions, Canada, and Great Britain; law reviews and other legal periodicals; treatises relating to legal subjects; also, indexes and digests of law. The Law Library is a selective U.S. government depository and receives documents related to legal research only.

B. CIRCULATION POLICY. Members of the UI community are free to use the Law Library for legal research. On presentation of proper identification, patrons may borrow treatises and any materials with white check-out cards for a two-week period. Statutes and codes, reports of court decisions, periodicals, some loose-leaf services, and such reference aids as indexes, digests, and directories may not circulate. Materials in the reference-aid category may not be removed from the area in which they are shelved; all other noncirculating items may be checked out on blue "carrel slips" for in-library use only.

C. PHOTOCOPY SERVICES. Photocopies of library materials will be furnished either on cash payment or, with proper identification and budget number, on charge to departmental budgets.

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