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July 1999



PREAMBLE: This section provides information about the University of Idaho Foundation. Unless otherwise noted the text is of July 1996. For further information, call 208-885-7069.


A.  The University of Idaho Foundation (UIF) is a nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation that operates expressly to:  (1) solicit and receive, or acquire by gift, devise, bequest, or otherwise, any money or property, real or personal, either absolute or in trust, to be used, either the principal or income therefrom, for the benefit of UI; (2) purchase, hold, sell, and lease property, real, personal, or mixed, for the benefit of UI.

B.  The UIF is the agency through which all gifts to UI are received.  [rev. 7-97]

C.  The UIF is the agency responsible, in collaboration with the vice president for university advancement and the executive director of development, for planning and implementing UI's efforts in raising funds from private sources.  It directs capital and annual campaigns.  [ed. 7-99]

D.  The responsibilities of UIF in conjunction with fund-raising activities include, but are not limited to, research on prospective donors and identification of fundable programs, projects, and activities of the university.  In this area, the foundation relies heavily on information and suggestions from members of the UI faculty and administration, academic units, and the Alumni Office.

E.  All proposals for private funding, except those directly related to research [see 5100 F-1], and all proposal presentations are to be approved by the vice president for university advancement and/or the executive director of development before they are presented to prospective donors.  [ed. 7-99]

F.  In June of 1993 an agreement outlining the parameters of the relationship between the University of Idaho and the University of Idaho Foundation was filed with the Board of Regents.  A copy is on file with the Office of Development and the Office of Financial Affairs. 

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