The University of Idaho Olmsted Brothers Master Plan: Historical Process and the Creation of Place.

Stephan Drown

The University of Idaho campus and in particular the "Admin Lawn" are highly regarded by students, faculty, staff and alumni as unique places and fond symbols of their tenure at the university. During their period of contract with the university, the Olmsted Brothers, landscape architects, were also working on a number of other projects that included the Cleveland Metroparks system, Manito Park and Botanical Gardens in Spokane, Washington, Audubon Park in New Orleans,  the Seattle Park System and the Washington State Capitol Master Plan in Olympia. This presentation will examine the design of the University of Idaho master plan in light of the Olmsted Brothers contemporaneous work, their design process and the legacy of their father Frederick Law Olmsted.

By doing so the presentation will demonstrate how well connected this university campus is to other significant landscapes around the world and to ancient and modern concepts of place, how our unique campus interplays with both ancient and modern concepts of universal place.


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