"Communicating Communication through Black and White Photography: Connecting the Diverse with the Shared in Common"

Bill Voxman

Communication is central to the human condition.  Taking on many forms--oral tradition, ritual, the written word, visual and artistic expression, religious experience, to name but a few--communication serves as a powerful force for bringing people together.  My presentation will focus on using black and white photography to depict people from diverse and various lands and cultures as they connect with their peers, and, as a result, often with us, sharing what we have in common.

Bill Voxman is a Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at the University of Idaho, having taught there for nearly forty years.  His interest in black and white (non-digital) photography dates back many years.  During this time he has been fortunate to couple his enjoyment of travel with his passion for that art form,  Voxman's other interests range from fly-fishing and back-packing to foreign languages and music. For more information and examples of his photographic art, see Bill Voxman's Photos



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