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October, 2008

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  4. 2009 IAPS Conference and Call for Papers - August 27-30, Seattle, USA

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President's Message -

Danny Rosenberg

Greetings everyone! It’s hard to believe a year has passed by since I wrote my first message to you, but as I look out my office window and see the amazing mélange of colors, autumn has indeed arrived. Much has been accomplished over the year and I am pleased to report that our organization is healthy and prospering.

The Tokyo conference last month was a great success. In addition to the excellent academic program, the social activities were splendid, especially the exciting atmosphere and intense competitions of the sumo wrestling. I would like to thank Alun Hardman, the Conference Chair, and Nao Masumoto, Yuki Hata, Yoshi Kondo and all the members of the Site Organizing Committee for hosting a memorable conference.

The conference was also the venue for the changing of the guard. I would like to express my gratitude to those who stepped down from serving on the Executive Council. These include Alun Hardman, Terry Roberts as Elections Chair, and Nao Masumoto and Cesar Torres as Members at Large. I would like to welcome the new members to the Council, Doug Hochstetler as Conference Chair, Mike Austin as Elections Chair, and Peter Hager and Takayuki Hata as Members at Large. John Russell was elected to another term as Journal Editor. Mark Hamilton was elected and replaced Doug McLaughlin as a new member of the Honors, Awards and Future Sites Committee and will work with Milan Hosta and Charlene Weaving. We have many outstanding IAPS members who are well qualified to serve the Association, so I encourage you to consider the following openings for next year: President, Secretary-Treasurer, and two Members at Large.

The new association membership service offered by Human Kinetics was a unique challenge this past year to ensure that online membership renewals are secure and easy to access and our membership data is current. If you are experiencing any difficulty with your renewals, please let me or Doug McLaughlin know about these problems. I want to remind members that Association fees are due now and you are encouraged to go to the IAPS website (www.iaps.net) to renew your membership.

I take this opportunity to thank Mike McNamee for his many years of service as IAPS representative with ICSSPE, the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education. Cesar Torres has agreed to assume this role and we wish him well in advocating on our behalf.

IAPS members participated in several scholarly meetings over the course of the year. These included the Eastern and Central Division meetings of the American Philosophical Association organized by Heather Reid and Jeff Fry respectively. IAPS will hold sessions at the same conferences this coming year as well as at the Pacific Division of APA that is being organized by Stephen Finn. Mike McNamee chaired a symposium and Sigmund Loland delivered a keynote address at the International Convention in Science, Education and Medicine in Sport (formerly the Pre-Olympic Congress) in China. And several IAPS members gave papers at the World Congress of Philosophy in Korea.

The Association welcomes its affiliations with the American Kinesiology Association, the European Association for the Philosophy of Sport, and the International Federation of Sports Medicine. Please go to this website to see the AKA newsletter: http://www.americankinesiology.org/documents/KinesNews%201-1%20FINAL.pdf

For the first time IAPS will provide student travel grants to attend next year’s conference. I would like to thank Alun Hardman, Sarah Teetzel and Cesar Torres who worked on this initiative and will develop the details of implementing the application procedures.

Speaking of next year’s conference, please take note of the conference announcement and the first call for papers below. The Seattle site promises to be a wonderful venue and the program will include two distinguished scholarly lectures given by Nick Dixon and Sigmund Loland. Mark your calendars between Thursday, August 27 and Sunday, August 30, 2009 and plan to be at the 37th annual IAPS conference. I would also encourage those who can to submit a proposal for future conference sites. It is imperative we receive these proposals in a timely manner to plan our meetings efficiently. See the instructions and template below.

During the coming year we will continue to promote and expand the reach of sport philosophy on a global scale. The JPS is the Association’s main organ that publishes and disseminates cutting edge research and should be accessible online and in libraries throughout the world. IAPS members should continue to share their research across academic disciplines, with professional organizations and in other areas like journalism. During the year ahead then, I encourage you to actively seek these opportunities in your home country to advance sport philosophy. Your individual effort will go a long way to ensure our field remains robust and relevant.

2009 Call for Papers - IAPS Seattle, WA.

For particulars on the 2009 Annual IAPS Convention, Click here.

Secretary's Message

Doug McLaughlin
            Not available at Press.


Journal of Philosophy of Sport

John Russell, Editor  

News from the Journal of the Philosophy of Sport -- J.S. Russell, Editor

Sport and Technology Special Section for Fall 2009 Issue (Vol. XXXVI, No.2). The JPS will publish a selection of papers on issues related to the use of technology in sport. It is expected that most of these papers will be presented at a conference entitled "Sport and Technology: Philosophical Dimensions" that will be hosted at Langara College in Vancouver on May 29-31, 2009 in Vancouver, British Columbia. To be considered for publication in the JPS, the articles must be submitted in full to the JPS by April 15, 2009. Here is the call for papers and related conference information:

Sport and Technology: Philosophical Dimensions

The world has witnessed the breaking of world and Olympic records in unheralded numbers in recent years. Advances in training, equipment, doping substances and methods, and potentially even genetic engineering have apparently changed sport from its historical origins. These events invite philosophical discussion and analysis of the ethical dimensions of the use of these new technologies and, also, of their broader implications for the conception of sport itself. Some questions that should be asked include: What role does technology play in sport, and what role ought it to play? What responsibilities do sport governing bodies have over the regulation of technology in their individual sports? Ought cutting-edge technology be available to all competitors, or is the design and utilization of technology a legitimate component of strategy within sport? Is some technology acceptable, and other not? What is the threshold for acceptable technological advantage? What is the moral difference, if any, between the use of technology to aid performance in sport and the use of performance enhancing drugs? The conference aims to open philosophical dialogue on these and other topics related to technology and sport.

We invite participation on any topic that addresses the philosophical dimensions of technology in sport. Papers on other topics related to philosophy of sport will also be considered and will be accepted if there is room on the conference agenda.

Please submit abstracts (250 – 400 words) electronically to ALL listed below:

Gabriela Tymowski, gabi@unb.ca
John S. Russell, jrussell@langara.bc.ca 
Angela Schneider, aschneid@uwo.ca

Abstract Deadline: February 20, 2009                

Notification of Acceptance: March 2, 2009

Please feel free to email me if you would like more information about the conference (jrussell@langara.bc.ca). Further conference details, including information about registration, to be posted shortly on the Langara College website: http://www.langara.bc.ca

Other News and Announcements

Call for Future IAPS Conference Proposals

The Honors, Awards, and Future Site Committee invites you to submit proposals for the 38th Annual Conference of the International Association for the Philosophy of Sport to be held in the fall of 2010 by January 15, 2008.  Click here for a Site Proposal Form to outline the important procedures to host an IAPS Conference.. Note that we welcome proposals not only for 2010, but also for future conferences and encourage you to become involved.

IAPS:  American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division,

December 29, 2008, Marriott Hotel, Philadelphia

Chair: Jan Boxill (University of North Carolina)
Speakers:   Stephen Finn (Seattle University)"In Defense of the Playoff System"
M. Andrew Holowchak (Muhlenberg College) "What Really Does It Mean to be the World's Strongest Man? A Philosophical Investigation of 'Strength'"
Michael Hunter (Texas Tech University) "Homeruns, Baseball, and the Notion of the Unfair and Unnatural Advantage"

IAPS: American Philosophical Association Pacific Division

83rd Annual Meeting
April 8 - 12, 2009, Westin Bayshore, Vancouver

Chair: Patrick Kelly (Seattle University)
Speakers: John Gleaves (Pennsylvania State University) “Reconstituting Rules: From Categorical Explanations to Functional Descriptions of Game Rules”
Daniel A. Dombrowski (Seattle University) “Sportsmanship as Aristotelian Moderation”
Stephen Finn (Seattle University) “Who Needs Referees? Sportspersonship, Personal Responsibility, and the Ideal Game”

Philosophy of Sport Blog

Announcing a blog that launched in April 2008, called "Philosophy of Sport"?  Here's the link: http://philosophyandsports.blogspot.com/

The blog is dedicated to news and views related to the philosophical dimensions of sport, and is intended to help raise the profile of philosophy sport in the worldwide philosophical community. Apart from Mike Austin, the contributors include Heather Reid, Milan Hosta, Charlene Weaving, Douglas Hochstetler, and Mark Holowchak, with more to come.

Call for Abstracts: Cycling & Philosophy

Abstracts are sought for a new title in the Wiley-Blackwell series Philosophy for Everyone, under the general editorship of Fritz Allhoff.  Cycling & Philosophy will integrate the insights of philosophers, interdisciplinary academics such as sociologists and psychologists, and cycling insiders.  The abstracts and resulting selected papers should be written for an educated, but non-specialized, audience who love the sport.  For examples of this type of work, see Running & Philosophy, Beer & Philosophy, Wine & Philosophy, and/or Food & Philosophy.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:  cycling and the meaning of life, existentialism on the bike, the ethics of doping, the beauty of the sport, the bike as a work of art, environmentalism and cycling, cycling and rails to trails, elitism and cycling aesthetics, individual virtues and vices as they relate to cycling, the role of tradition in cycling and in life, the politics of the professional cycling world, arguments for or against a union for professional cyclists, issues related to race and gender in the sport, the ethics of peloton cooperation, how technology has changed the sport, fixed gear riding, mountain biking, emergence of BMX as an Olympic sport, philosophical discussions of individual cyclists (e.g., Lance, Merckx, Major Taylor), the world of touring, cycling fanatics, and the state of nature among cyclists and automobile drivers.

    Guidelines for Abstracts and Contributions

Abstracts should be submitted electronically to mike.austin@eku.edu. Mike Austin, Eastern Kentucky, USA,   Other proposals for series titles are also welcome; please direct those to Fritz Allhoff  (Western Michigan University, USA) at fritz.allhoff@wmich.edu


Dr. Herbert Haag kindly offers all ICSSPE members now the "Dictionary. Sport, Physical Education and Sport Science", edited by Haag, H. & Haag, G. for a special price of EURO 10,00.You can simply order the sport dictionary online at www.sportdictionary.de (ICSSPE Members please indicate your Membership number) or if you require additional information please contact Prof. em. Dr. Herbert Haag at info@sportdictionary.de or call +49.89.997.459.02. The dictionary will then be sent directly to you by surface mail. Allow 1-4 weeks delivery time depending on the region of the world and the speed of your own postal system.

BASES Position on Genetic Testing


About IAPS

Established in 1972 as the Philosophic Society for the Study of Sport with its name changed in 1999. The purpose of the organization is to stimulate, encourage, and promote study, research, and writing in the philosophy of sporting (and related) activity; to demonstrate the relevance of philosophic thought concerning sport to matters of professional concern; to organize and conduct meetings concerning the philosophy of sport; to issue publications concerning the philosophy of sport; to support and to cooperate with local, national, and international organizations of similar purpose; to affiliate with national and international organizations of similar purpose; and to engender national, regional, and continental affiliates devoted to the philosophic study of sport.

Executive Board:  International Association of Philosophy of Sport

President:  Danny Rosenberg, Canada, danny.rosenberg@brocku.ca

Secretary Treasurer: Douglas McLaughlin, USA, douglas.mclaughlin@csun.edu

Journal Editor: John Russell, Canada, Jsrussell@shaw.ca

Conference Chair:  Douglas Hochstetler, USA, dxh174@psu.edu

Elections Chair:  Mike Austin, USA, Mike.Austin@EKU.EDU

Members at Large:  Stephen Finn, USA, finns@seattleu.edu

Heather Reid, USA, reid@morningside.edu

Peter Hager, USA, phager@brockport.edu

Takayuki Hata, JAPAN, hata@nagasaki-u.ac.jp

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