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March, 2009

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Editor’s Note:  Please read and respond to the following:

  1. President's Message

  2. Secretary's Message

  3. News from Journal of Philosophy of Sport

  4. 2009 IAPS Conference and Second Call for Papers - August 27-30, Seattle, USA

  5. Call for 2009 Nominations

  6. Call for Future IAPS Conferenence Proposals

  7. Other News, Announcements

  8. About IAPS and Executive Board

President's Message -

Danny Rosenberg

Greetings everyone!

It’s great to see that spring is almost here (in North America) and that means preparations for the next IAPS conference are seriously underway and elections are around the corner.

I’d like to remind members to remain in good standing by accessing the online membership renewal site. Just go to www.iaps.net, click on the “Join IAPS” link and follow the instructions. This is an easy, convenient and secure way to keep up your membership. Please complete the registration form to update your membership information. If you have any questions or problems with the procedures, you may contact support@hkusa.com or get in touch with me or Doug McLaughlin, the Secretary-Treasurer. Membership renewals may also be sent by mail or fax. Again, just follow the instructions and encourage students and colleagues to join IAPS as well.

The 37th annual 2009 IAPS conference in Seattle, Washington, August 27-30, is shaping up to be an outstanding event. The meeting is being hosted by Seattle University’s Center for the Study of Sport & Exercise. Dr. Dan Tripps, Director of the Center, is Chair of the Site Organizing Committee, and Nick Schmidt, a graduate student, will assist with the planning and delivery of the conference. A conference webpage should be posted shortly on the IAPS website for registration, travel, accommodations and sightseeing information. Please go to the site when it’s available and start making your plans to be at this beautiful city on the Pacific coast.

Please take note of the second call for papers for the Seattle conference below. The deadline for abstracts is April 1, 2009. Once the review process is completed, a tentative program will be posted on the IAPS website. Information regarding the student travel grant will be posted at the website as well. I want to remind you that at this year’s conference there will be two distinguished scholar lectures, one by Nick Dixon and the other by Sigmund Loland, plus a Presidential address. With inducements like this, how can you pass up attending this year’s meeting?

Speaking of conferences, IAPS held a session at the Eastern Division of the American Philosophical Association on December 29, 2008 in Philadelphia. The successful session was organized by Heather Reid, Jan Boxill chaired the gathering, and papers were delivered by Stephen Finn, Andrew Holowchak and Michael Hunter. See the call for papers for this year’s Eastern Division of the APA below. A well attended IAPS session was held at the Central Division of APA in Chicago on February 20, 2009. Mike Austin chaired the meeting and delivered a paper. Other speakers included John Russell, Andrew Holowchak and Jeff Fry. Finally, there will be an IAPS session at the Pacific Division of APA on April 11, 2009 in Vancouver. Patrick Kelly will chair the event and papers will be given by John Gleaves, Daniel Dombrowski and Stephen Finn. I want to express my sincere gratitude to the organizers and participants of these coast-to-coast sessions who promote sport philosophy to a wider audience and place IAPS on the national philosophy scene.

The Executive Council is reviewing a notice from Human Kinetics about a 5% increase in IAPS member prices effective August 1, 2009 for the Journal. HK is claiming an increase in production and postage costs, and is citing a clause in our agreement about a yearly 5% increase which has not been enforced for the past 3 years. The implications of this notice will be considered by the Council and a response will be forwarded to the membership.

I would like to urge all members to please give serious consideration to this year’s elections and the call for nominations below. A number of important positions will become available this fall, notably, President, Secretary-Treasurer, two Members at Large, and one Honors, Awards and Future Sites Committee position. There are many capable and outstanding members in IAPS who would be able to fill these posts and make significant contributions to our Association. If you are interested in being nominated or would like to nominate a colleague, I encourage you to contact any member of the Executive Council. Please continue the Association’s long tradition of strong leadership by “stepping up to the plate.”

The HA&FS Committee is also seeking nominations for the Distinguished Service award and the Warren P. Fraleigh Distinguished Scholar Lecture award. Many dedicated individuals have contributed to the organizational health of IAPS over the years, and there are exceptional scholars in our midst as well. Please consider nominating and recognizing your colleagues for their outstanding achievements by contacting members of the Committee, Mark Hamilton, Milan Hosta or Charlene Weaving.

I also want to remind members to think seriously about future sites for the annual conference and attend to the notice below. To date, I am aware of one possible proposal that will be submitted for the 38th annual 2010 conference. If you and your institution are in a position to host an IAPS conference, we would love to hear from you. We need to make an effort to have two or three future conference sites in place for optimal planning. Contact me or any member of the HA&FS Committee if you have any questions or concerns about this.

With six months remaining in my term as President, I want to be sure the next President has a solid foundation with which to build and expand sport philosophy on an international scale. Numerous efforts by individual members of IAPS through our own organization and various national and international affiliates are doing an excellent job to ensure our field is flourishing. As a result, the Journal still attracts the highest quality papers, conference presentations worldwide are cutting edge, publications of different sorts and in numerous languages continue to be produced, thousands of graduate and undergraduate students study sport philosophy, and speaking engagements in academic settings and in local communities occur regularly. All these examples attest to the fact sport philosophy is a relevant and thriving discipline across the globe. May you continue your good works and I’ll see you in Seattle!

2009 Second Call for Papers - IAPS Seattle, WA.

Doug Hochstetler, Conference Chair

We welcome your abstracts for submission to the 2009 IAPS Conference.  The setting is Seattle, Washington with Seattle University serving as the host institution.  Dr. Dan Tripps, Director of the Seattle University Center for the Study of Sport & Exercise, is Chair of the Site Organizing Committee, and is working with his committee to prepare what promises to be an outstanding conference.  Check the IAPS website after March 1, 2009 for the Conference website information.

The International Association for the Philosophy of Sport invites the submission of abstracts to be considered for presentation at the 37th annual 2009 IAPS meeting. The conference will be held in Seattle, Washington (U.S.A.) between August 27th and 30th, 2009. Abstracts are welcome on any area of philosophy of sport, including metaphysics, epistemology, aesthetics and ethics, and from any theoretical approach, including analytic philosophy and critical theory. In addition to abstracts for papers, proposals for round table and panel discussions, including a tentative list of participants, are also welcome and should follow the same format as paper abstracts. Graduate students and emerging scholars are encouraged to submit works in progress. Abstracts should be 300-500 words long and must be received by April 1, 2009. The preferred mode of submission is by e-mail. Please send the abstract as an attachment, preferably in Word. Contributors who do not have access to e-mail should feel free to send a hard copy instead. Please submit e-mail copies of abstracts to the Conference Chair at: dxh174@psu.edu 

Please send hard copies (only if e-mail is not available) to:

Doug Hochstetler   
Associate Professor of Kinesiology  
Penn State University, Lehigh Valley                                                                                            
8380 Mohr Lane                                                                                                           
Fogelsville, PA 18051

Abstracts will be reviewed by a Program Committee of three IAPS peers. Contributors will be notified about the status of their abstracts by May 14, 2009.

Secretary's Message

Doug McLaughlin
            Not available at Press.

Journal of Philosophy of Sport

John Russell, Editor
                Not available at Press


Call for Future IAPS Conference Proposals

The Honors, Awards, and Future Sites Committee invites you to submit proposals (as soon as possible) for the 38th Annual Conference of the International Association for the Philosophy of Sport to be held in the fall of 2010. To access a site proposal form that outlines the procedures to host an IAPS Conference, CLICK HERE. Note that proposals are welcome not only for 2010, but also for future conferences. The Committee encourages all those who are interested in hosting a conference to submit a proposal. Assistance can be provided with the proposal submission.


Call for 2009 Nominations for Executive Council

Nominations are now open for a number of vacancies on the 09-10 IAPS Executive Council and for one vacancy on the Honors, Awards and Future Sites Committee.  The vacancies occur in the following positions: 

·         President
·         Secretary-Treasurer
·         Members-at-Large (two positions)
·         Honors, Awards and Future Sites Committee (one position)

 Nominations must satisfy a number of conditions:

  1. Each nomination must include a nominator, a seconder and a nominee.
  2. The nominator, seconder and nominee must be members of IAPS (note that for election onto the Honors, Awards and Future Sites Committee requires IAPS membership of three years or more)
  3. Nominations must reach Mike Austin by 5 June 2009 at mike.austin@eku.edu
  1. The seconder and nominee must acknowledge they will second or accept, respectively, the nomination by sending an email to that effect to Mike Austin. 
  2. The nominee is advised to supply a brief biography (no more than 200 words) at the time of nomination.

Handy Hint:  The easiest way to complete the nomination is for the nominator to copy the original nomination email to both the seconder and the nominee who can then use ‘reply all’ to acknowledge acceptance and attach the brief biography. 

Once the nomination is complete, Mike Austin will forward an email to the nominator, seconder and nominee.  Please be diligent in fully completing the nomination process.

Other News and Announcements

Japanese Conference on Physical Education, Health, and Sport Science

The 60th conference of Japan Society of Physical Education, Health and Sport Science will take place between August 26 and 28, 2009 at Hiroshima University. Several Japanese members of IAPS will attend this meeting and serve as the chair in sport philosophical sessions. I am afraid that they are not able to attend the 37th IAPS Conference from August 27 to 30 in Seattle. There will be not so many Japanese colleagues who are able to be in Seattle as we hope.

IAPS:  American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division,

International Association for the Philosophy of Sport in conjunction with the APA Eastern Division Meeting December 27-30, 2009, at the Marriott Marquis, New York City.

The International Association for the Philosophy of Sport invites the submission of papers to be considered for presentation at the 2009 APA Eastern Division Meeting.  Papers are welcome on any area of philosophy of sport, including metaphysics, epistemology, aesthetics and ethics, and from any theoretical approach, including analytic philosophy and critical theory.  Presenters must be members of both APA and IAPS and pay regular conference registration fees.  For more information on IAPS, go to http://www.iaps.net/

Papers should be no more than 10 pages in length, 20 minutes reading time.  Only 300-500 word abstracts are required for consideration; the deadline is April 30, 2009. The preferred mode of submission is by e-mail to reid@morningside.edu.  Only those contributors who do not have access to e-mail should send a hard copy to

Heather Reid
Philosophy Department
Morningside College
1501 Morningside Ave.
Sioux City, IA 51103
FAX: 712-274-5101

Abstracts will be reviewed by and contributors will be notified about the acceptance or rejection of their papers by May 31, 2009.

IAPS: American Philosophical Association Pacific Division

83rd Annual Meeting
April 8 - 12, 2009, Westin Bayshore, Vancouver

Chair: Patrick Kelly (Seattle University)
Speakers: John Gleaves (Pennsylvania State University) “Reconstituting Rules: From Categorical Explanations to Functional Descriptions of Game Rules”
Daniel A. Dombrowski (Seattle University) “Sportsmanship as Aristotelian Moderation”
Stephen Finn (Seattle University) “Who Needs Referees? Sportspersonship, Personal Responsibility, and the Ideal Game”

Philosophy of Sport Blog

Announcing a blog that launched in April 2008, called "Philosophy of Sport"?  Here's the link: http://philosophyandsports.blogspot.com/

The blog is dedicated to news and views related to the philosophical dimensions of sport, and is intended to help raise the profile of philosophy sport in the worldwide philosophical community. Apart from Mike Austin, the contributors include Heather Reid, Milan Hosta, Charlene Weaving, Douglas Hochstetler, and Mark Holowchak, with more to come.

Call for Abstracts:


Dr. Herbert Haag kindly offers all ICSSPE members now the "Dictionary. Sport, Physical Education and Sport Science", edited by Haag, H. & Haag, G. for a special price of EURO 10,00.You can simply order the sport dictionary online at www.sportdictionary.de (ICSSPE Members please indicate your Membership number) or if you require additional information please contact Prof. em. Dr. Herbert Haag at info@sportdictionary.de or call +49.89.997.459.02. The dictionary will then be sent directly to you by surface mail. Allow 1-4 weeks delivery time depending on the region of the world and the speed of your own postal system.

BASES Position on Genetic Testing


About IAPS

Established in 1972 as the Philosophic Society for the Study of Sport with its name changed in 1999. The purpose of the organization is to stimulate, encourage, and promote study, research, and writing in the philosophy of sporting (and related) activity; to demonstrate the relevance of philosophic thought concerning sport to matters of professional concern; to organize and conduct meetings concerning the philosophy of sport; to issue publications concerning the philosophy of sport; to support and to cooperate with local, national, and international organizations of similar purpose; to affiliate with national and international organizations of similar purpose; and to engender national, regional, and continental affiliates devoted to the philosophic study of sport.

Executive Board:  International Association of Philosophy of Sport

President:  Danny Rosenberg, Canada, danny.rosenberg@brocku.ca

Secretary Treasurer: Douglas McLaughlin, USA, douglas.mclaughlin@csun.edu

Journal Editor: John Russell, Canada, Jsrussell@shaw.ca

Conference Chair:  Douglas Hochstetler, USA, dxh174@psu.edu

Elections Chair:  Mike Austin, USA, Mike.Austin@EKU.EDU

Members at Large:  Stephen Finn, USA, finns@seattleu.edu

Heather Reid, USA, reid@morningside.edu

Peter Hager, USA, phager@brockport.edu

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