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Help Internationalize the UI campus

Faculty looking to incorporate an international aspect to a class or lecture/seminar, invite a research assistant or professor to the UI, or help the transition of an international student to the UI campus can utilize the resources of the UI International Friendship Association (IFA) and the International Scholar Advisor, Glen Kauffman.

Culture Kits
Try checking out a Culture Kit for your next lecture with an international focus or theme.  Culture Kits feature individual countries and their contents help educate groups throughout the state about other cultures and countries.  The collection of kits is composed of cultural items such as clothing, music, arts, currency, stamps, and slides or videos.  Culture kits are currently available from 26 countries.  To find out more about Culture Kits, click here.

Speaker's Bureau
You may also choose to enhance the international focus by requesting a student speaker from the Speakersí Bureau.  Several UI international students generously volunteer their time to represent their countries, broadening area studentsí understanding of countries and cultures.  If you would like additional details about the Speaker's Bureau, contact the International Programs Office at ipo@uidaho.edu

Additional Opportunities
Be a friendship family, loan a bike to the international student bike barn, give old household items to the household goods exchange.

Invite an International Scholar/Faculty  
Within the Scholar Services section of our website you will find everything you need to know in order to invite an international scholar or professor to come and work on the UI campus.