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How to Post Your External Program Review on the Web

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External Program Review information is posted on the University of Idaho VandalWeb. Click here to access the online EPR/Assessment System. You will need your VandalWeb login to post your External Program Review information.

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Getting Started with the On-line EPR System
1. Click here to access the site. You will need your VandalWeb login to post your External Program Review information.
2. Find your College on the left and click the "External Program Review" link.
3. Select your Department and hit SUBMIT.
4. The box at the top of the page provides a link to download the Self Study Form to your hard drive.  Edit the document on your hard drive.  Once your edits are complete, upload your document into the system by using the upload link in the box at the top of the page.
5. Once your review process has been completed and you receive your evaluator’s report, you should complete the remainder of the template. Click the link at the top to enter recommendations one at a time.
Note the five columns of the External Program Review:
1) Programs
2) Evaluator Recommendation
3) Planned Actions
4) Timeline
5) Annual Progress
  Each column has an "Edit" link. Hit EDIT to enter, remove or change information within each column. Enter the text as you want it to appear (you can copy/paste from a Word document or other e-format); use bullet points, paragraphing, and other formatting features as appropriate.  To line up the columns you must enter a dividing line between paragraphs by typing <hr>.
  NOTE: You must hit SUBMIT to save your work. This includes any changes/additions you might make to previously submitted text.  We suggest you click SUBMIT after completing each box.  If you leave the page open for 45 minutes without clicking SUBMIT, your work will be lost.