Introductory Articles on Matthew

Helmut Koester, "The Gospel of Matthew:  Jesus as the New Moses" from PBS' From Jesus to Christ site

"Matthew:  Introduction," from the New American Bible at

Post 1950 Scholarly Articles, Chapters or Lectures on Matthew available On-line  -

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Mary Rose D'Angelo, "Images of Jesus and the Christian Vocation in the Gospels of Mark and Matthew." SPIRITUALITY TODAY Fall 1984, Vol. 36, No. 3, pp. 220-235. 

 G. Barth, "Matthew's Understanding of the Law" from Tradition and Interpretation in Matthew at  1982 (german original earlier)

Fred W. Burnett, "Characterization and Reader Construction of Characters in the Gospels" Semeia 63 (1993) 1-28

Crowe, B. D. «The Song of Moses and Divine Begetting in Matt 1,20» , Biblica Vol. 90 (2009) 47-58 at

Terence L. Donaldson, '"For Herod had arrested John" (Matt. 14:3): Making sense of an unresolved
flashback', Studies in Religion / Sciences Religieuses 28 (1999)

Robert Foster, "Why on Earth Use ‘Kingdom of Heaven’?: Matthew's Terminology Revisited"  New Testament Studies 48 (2002) 487-499.

Robert Grant, "Chapter 9: The Gospel of Matthew " in A Historical Introduction to the New Testament. Copyright 1963 by Robert M. Grant. Originally published by Harper and Row in 1963. from Religion On-line

Donald A. Hagner, Writing a Commentary on Matthew: Self-Conscious Ruminations of an Evangelical  Semeia 72 (1995) 51-72.

Donald A. Hagner, Matthew: Apostate, Reformer, Revolutionary? New Testament Studies 49 (2003) 193-209

K. C. Hansen, "Transformed on the Mountain:  Ritual Analysis and the Gospel of Matthew,"  Semeia 67 ( 1994) 147-170

Response to K.C. Hanson: Mountaineering in Matthew -- p. 171

K C. Hansen, "How Honorable! How Shameful!" A Cultural Analysis of Matthew's Makarism's and Reproaches  Semeia 68 (1994 ) 81-112 

John Paul Heil, "The Blood of Jesus in Matthew: A Narrative-Critical Perspective," Published in Perspectives in Religious Studies 18 (1991) 117-24 at

Joachim Jeremias, The Sermon On The Mount. The Ethel M. Wood Lecture delivered before the University of London on 7 March 1961. London: The Athlone Press, 1961. Pbk. ISBN: 0485143127. pp.33. available at   You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or another pdf reader.

Jane Kopas, "Jesus and Women in Matthew" Theology Today Vol. 47, No.1 at

Maarten J. J. Menken, "The greek translation of Hosea 11:1 in Matthew 2:15: matthean or pre-matthean?"  Filología Neotestamentaria 12 (1999) 79-88 at

Robert L. Mowery, "Son of God in Roman Imperial Titles and Matthew," Biblica 83 (2002) 100-110.

Christopher G. Mueller, Bitten und Beten im NT und seiner Umwelt: Martial und Matthäus im Vergleich.  New Testament Studies 49 (2003) 1-21.

MOGENS MÜLLER, "The Theological Interpretation of the Figure of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew:  Some Principal Features in Matthean Christology, New Testament Studies 45 (1999) 157-173

Karl-Heinrich Ostmeyer, "Der Stammbaum des Verheißenen: Theologische Implikationen der Namen und Zahlen in Mt 1.1-17" New Testament Studies 46 (2000) 175-192

Kim Paffenroth  "Jesus as Anointed and Healing Son of David in the Gospel of Matthew"  Biblica 80 (1999) 547-554   

Mark Allan Powell, "The Magi as Wise Men: Re-examining a Basic Supposition"  New Testament Studies 46 (2000) 1-20

Vernon K. Robbins, Pages created and maintained by David Charnon Examples of Socio-Rhetorical Interpretation in Matthew

Graham Stanton,  Interpreting the sermon on the mount (THD0082.pdf); Matthew's gospel and the Damascus document in sociological perspective (THD0083.pdf); Synagogue and church (THD0084.pdf), The gospel of Matthew and Judaism (THD0085.pdf) - all from A Gospel for a New People : Studies in Matthew

H. Stettler, «Die Bedeutung der Täuferanfrage in Matthäus 11,2-6 par Lk 7,18-23 für die Christologie» , Biblica Vol. 89 (2008) 173-200 -

Ronald F. Thiemann, "The Unnamed Woman at Bethany," Theology Today  44:  179-88 at

Ronald L. Troxel "Matt 27.51–4 Reconsidered: Its Role in the Passion Narrative, Meaning and Origin'  New Testament Studies 48 (2002) 30-47.

Herman C. Waetjen, "The Origin of Jesus Christ: Matthew 1:1-25", Web Published article on

Elaine M. Wainright, "Only to the Lost Sheep or To All the Nations: Social Location Constructing Elites and Marginals in the Matthean Gospel" at

Wim J.C. Weren, "The Use of Isaiah 5,1-7 in the Parable of the Tenants  (Mark 12,1-12; Matthew 21,33-46)" Biblica 79 (1998) 1-26

Wim J.C. Weren, "The Macrostructure of Matthew’s Gospel: A New Proposal" Biblica 87 (2006)171-200 at

A series of articles on Matthew from Word & World Volume XVIII, Number 4 Fall 1998 is available online as follows:

"Mission and Ministry in Matthew" by ARLAND J. HULTGREN, pp. 341-347 at

Matthew as Pastor:The Presence of God by MARK ALLAN POWELL at

"Learning What Righteousness Means: Hosea 6:6 and the Ethic of Mercy in Matthew's Gospel," Mary Hinkle at

"The Gospel of Matthew and the Passion of Jesus: Theological and Pastoral Perspectives," Donald Senior

"Tradition Makers/Tradition Shapers: Women of the Matthean Tradition," Elaine M. Wainwright

"Current Trends in Matthean Scholarship," Douglas A. Hare

"Texts in Context: Identity Formation: Matthew as Resource and Guide," Edgar Krentz

Scholarly Books on Matthew and Book Reviews available On-line

Joachim Jeremias, The Sermon on the Mount at

Book Reviews  from RBL - UNDER Construction

Selection of Major Commentaries Reviewed

Betz, Hans Dieter The Sermon on the Mount: A Commentary on the Sermon on the Mount, including the Sermon on the Plain (Matthew 5:3-7:27 and Luke 6:20-49) Collins, Adela Yarbro, editor Minneapolis: Fortress, 1995 Review by Dale C. Allison Jr.

Davies, W. D. and Dale AllisonMatthew: A Shorter Commentary: Based on the Three-Volume International Critical Commentary
London: T&T Clark, 2004 Review by James Sweeney, published 2/25/2006

Keener, Craig S. A Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1999  Reviews by Douglas R. A. Hare, published 9/4/2000
R. Keith Whitt, published 9/4/2000

Luz, Ulrich Matthew 21-28 Minneapolis: Fortress, 2005 Review by Edgar Krentz, published 7/15/2006

Luz, UlrichMatthew 8-20: A Commentary Crouch, James E., translatorinneapolis: Fortress Press, 2001Review by Dale Allison, published 1/7/2003

Schnackenburg, Rudolf, The Gospel of Matthew.  Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2002

Selection of Other Monographs and Edited Collections

Levine, Amy-Jill, editor  A Feminist Companion to Matthew Cleveland: Pilgrim, 2004  Review by Nicola Denzey, published 10/15/2006

Blickenstaff, Marianne‘While the Bridegroom Is with Them’: Marriage, Family, Gender and Violence in the Gospel of Matthew  London: T&T Clark, 2005 Review by Elaine Wainwright, published 10/28/2006

Carter, Warren Households and Discipleship: A Study of Matthew 19-20 Sheffield: JSOT Press, 1994 Reviews: 1 Review by Dorothy Jean Weaver

Carter, Warren Matthew and Empire: Initial Explorations Harrisburg, PA: Trinity Press International, 2001 Reviews by
Mark A Matson, published 6/16/2003 Walter M. Dunnett, published 3/8/2003

Cousland, J. R. C. The Crowds in the Gospel of Matthew Leiden: Brill, 2002 Review by Matt Jackson-Mccabe, published 2/19/2005

Gench, Frances Taylor Back to the Well: Women's Encounters with Jesus in the Gospels Louisville: Westminster John Knox, 2004
Reviews by Orysya Hachko, published 1/15/2005 Kelly Iverson, published 1/15/2005 Betsy J Bauman-Martin, published 1/15/2005

Jackson, Glenna 'Have Mercy on Me': The Story of the Canaanite Woman in Matthew 15.21-28
Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 2002  Review by PD Dr. Luzia Sutter Rehmann, published 7/10/2004

Lemarquand, Grant An Issue of Relevance: A Comparative Study of the Story of the Bleeding Woman (Mk 5:25-34; Mt 9:20-22; Lk 8:43-48) in North Atlantic and African Contexts  New York: Lang, 2004 Reviews by Wes Bergen, published 3/27/2005 Mignon Jacobs, published 3/27/2005

Mayordomo-Marin, Moisés Den Anfang hören: Leserorientierte Evangelienexegese am Beispiel von Matthäus 1-2   Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1998  Review by John Nolland, published 8/10/2000

Newport, Kenneth G. C.The Sources and Sitz im Leben of Matthew 23Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 1995 Review by Judy Yates Siker

Overman, J. Andrew Church and Community in Crisis: The Gospel According to Matthew Valley Forge, PA: Trinity Press International, 1996
Reviews: 1 Review by Donald A. Hagner

Patte, Daniel Discipleship According to the Sermon on the Mount: Four Legitimate Readings, Four Plausible Views of Discipleship, and Their Relative Values Valley Forge, PA: Trinity Press International, 1996   Review by Warren Carter

Sim, David C. Apocalyptic Eschatology in the Gospel of Matthew Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1996 Review by Mark Allen Powell, published 1/15/1998

Spencer, F. Scott Dancing Girls, Loose Ladies, and Women of the Cloth: The Women in Jesus’ Life New York: Continuum, 2004
Reviews: 1 Review by Patrick E. Spencer, published 5/26/2007

Historical Works on Matthew (Pre-1950)

Aquinas, Catena Aurea - Patristic Commentary on the Gospel of St. Matthew at CCEL

Augustine, Sermon on the Mount at New Advent

Chrysostom,  Homilies on the Gospel of St. Matthew at CCEL  at New Advent

Origen, excerpts from the Commentaries on the Gospel of Matthew in Vol. X of the Ante-Nicene Fathers at CCEL

        Origen from Commentaries on the Gospel of Matthew at New Advent

Wesley's Notes on the Gospel according to St. Matthew at CCEL

Alfred F. Loisy - Chapter V. Analysis of the Gospel Catechesis (continued) The Gospel According to Matthew from The Origins of the New Testament Trans. L. P. Jacks  [French Les Origines du Nouveau Testament, 1936] English Edition, 1962. 

Edgar J. Goodspeed, An Introduction to the New Testament. University of Chicago Press, 1937. Chapter XI.  The Gospel of Matthew 

Classic Films Available On-line

Pasolini's The Gospel According to St. Matthew (You'll need Real Video to view and must scroll down almost to the bottom of the page to find this film.)