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Thank you for your interest the Circumplex Scales of Interpersonal Efficacy (CSIE). The CSIE is a 32-item inventory designed to complement existing interpersonal circumplex measures by efficiently assessing confidence that one can engage in a variety of interpersonal behaviors. The eight 4-item scales of the CSIE appear to have a circumplex structure, adequate internal reliability, and convergent validity with measures of interpersonal values and interpersonal problems. A description of the development and psychometrics of the CSIE can be found in the following article:


Locke, K.D. & Sadler, P. (2007). Self-efficacy, values, and complementarity in dyadic interactions: Integrating interpersonal and social-cognitive theory. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 33, 94-109.


Examples of other papers that have used the CSIE include:


You are free to administer the CSIE as you wish, and I welcome feedback about what you find to be the weaknesses and strengths of the measure.


For a French translation (courtesy of Liliane Sayegh, PhD, of the Douglas Mental Health University Institute in Montreal), click here.


You can take the CSIE on-line by clicking the "Take the CSIE" button to the left. (Note: The feedback will be more meaningful to you if you are already familiar with the interpersonal circumplex model. Your computer must be able to run java, which you can download here.) (UPDATE: The online scoring and graphing program a tech-savvy student helped me create back in 2009 is apparently no longer working correctly on most current operating systems, a situation that is likely to continue until I can find another tech-savvy student to help me fix it -- sorry!)