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A Collection of History Since 1967

Leila Old began gathering and organizing clothing and textiles soon after she joined the faculty of the University of Idaho Home Economics (currently Margaret Ritchie School of Family and Consumer Sciences) department in 1967. Gradually she accumulated a very sizeable and valuable collection that included clothing, accessories, hats and shoes, costume jewelry, some old magazines, and other illustrative materials. These items were used as a teaching resource in the department. With the help of student Marge Stanton, Leila began to assemble all the dress items so they could describe them and assign a set of numbers to catalogue them. They used the classification system developed by Robert Chenhall to catalogue each item. This collection was named the Leila Old Historic Costume Collection in 1981.


Sam Morrison (U of I, 1916) a four-year letterman, had a matching sweater made for his bride-to-be, Naomi Morley (U of I, 1917). The star on her "I" is the one he earned as captain of the track team. Red or maroon and white were used for athletic sweaters in the first half of the 1900s.


The peach-colored dress from the 1930s is trimmed with a brown edge at the top of the skirt and around the white organdy ruffle on the collar. It had been worn by Shirley Medsker (former weaving instructor in the School of Family and Consumer Sciences).

The boy's suit (so-called by the donor) was worn by her son when he was one year old in 1932. The short green pants with buttoned crotch button to the print shirt.