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The Martin Archives

The Martin Archives are part of the Martin Institute and were created by Dr. Jack E. Vincent, Borah Professor, Political Science, University of Idaho. Vita

The Martin Archives are the data system retrieval system for the Martin Institute for Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution. Portions are accessible through this site.

Peace Research Support: includes access to data sets relevant to peace research gathered from research centers throughout the world. The Martin Institute routinely merges initially non- compatible sets (by standardizing subject order), estimates missing data (by linear trend, series mean or multiple regression), provides data transformations (by ranking, logging, z-scoring, etc.) and provides data summaries (by displaying means, medians, etc.). All sets are available to Martin Fellows and Associates without cost. They are available to others at a reasonable cost. Descriptions of the sets are available, without cost, through this site.

Programming Support: provides complete statistical analysis (factor analysis, discriminant function analysis, time series analysis, etc.) of any data set in the Martin Archives or for data supplied to the Martin Institute. This is done at a reasonable cost based on the scope of the project.

Publication Support: includes the Martin Journal of Peace and Conflict Research and Martin Journal of Conflict Resolution Both accept articles for peer review and possible publication and/or distribution on the Internet. Longer contributions can be placed in the Martin Monograph Series. See: stylesheet. See also: Borah Research Papers. Martin Papers.,


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