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College of Natural Resources









Dr Alistair Smith

alistair [at]


The Forest and Rangeland Measurements Lab is housed in the College of Natural Resources at the University of Idaho.The lab focuses on all aspects of ecological and environmental measurements from traditional forest inventory and biometrics to  experiments to understand combustion dynamics.

Research Focus Areas Include:

  • Biometrics

  • Remote Sensing

  • Combustion Dynamics

  • Smoke Management and Air Quality

  • Ecohydrology

  • Successional Modeling

  • Soil Sciences

  • Cyrosphere Sciences

"Until you can measure something and express it in numbers, you have only the beginning of understanding"

Lord Kelvin

Measurements are at the core of all ecosystem based sciences, whether we are conducting a traditional forest inventory to model the growth and yield of a given species, evaluating the habitat type of an endangered species in a rangeland, or understanding the process of combustion in decayed fuels. Regardless of of goal,  it is essential to use appropriate measurement and sampling methods. 









Video: A series of images from the Idaho FIRE Laboratory (iFIRE)

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