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College of Natural Resources









Dr Alistair Smith

alistair [at]


Dr. Alistair M.S. Smith

Assistant Professor of Forest Measurements
Department of Forest Resources

College of Natural Resources

E-mail: alistair [at]
Office: College of Natural Resources
(208) 885-1009

Download my Full CV (DOC)

Egyptian God of Frustration

"Egyptian God of Frustration" from Babylon 5


Broad Research Themes:

  1. To evaluate the complex inter-connected roles of biological and climate systems, coupled with the consequences for society and human mitigation.
  2. To improve forecasting of the impacts of climate change on focal species distributions so we can better target management priorities and activities.
  3. Furthering the application of object-orientated geospatial methods and applications
  4. To improve the understanding and physical linkages between measurements, whether collected in situ or remotely, to reduce uncertainties in various Earth and environmental processes.

University of Idaho, Moscow, ID, 83844