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College of Natural Resources









Dr Alistair Smith

alistair [at]


Josh Hyde

Smoke Program Coordinator


Room: (working out of the USDA Wildland Fire Sciences Laboratory,  Seattle, WA)


Phone: 206-473-1979

Department of Forest Ecology and Biogeosciences
College of Natural Resources
University of Idaho

Email: jhyde [at]



Josh joined the laboratory in 2007 to complete a MSc in Forest Resources with the guidance of Dr. Alistair Smith. Josh Hyde is the Smoke Program Coordinator for the University Of Idaho College Of Natural Resources. As program coordinator he develops web based training materials and assess current training courses specializing in smoke management and air quality. His professional interests include the consumption of woody materials via smoldering combustion, federal smoke management policies, and web-based information delivery. Josh has a MSc in Forest Resources and a BSc in Rangeland Ecology and Management from the University of Idaho.

University of Idaho, Moscow, ID, 83844