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College of Natural Resources








Dr Alistair Smith

alistair [at]


Nolan W Brewer


Room: Phinney 301

Phone: 5-6327

Department of Forest Resources
College of Natural Resources
University of Idaho

Email: brew1100 [at]


Nolan joined the Department of Forest Resources in the summer of 2009, under the tutelage of Dr. Alistair Smith.  Nolan comes to the department with an B.A. in Geology and Environmental Studies from Whitman College.  His undergraduate thesis focused on the effects of prescribed fires on aquatic ecosystems and sedimentation rates.  After graduating in 2003, Nolan spent the last five years working in wildland fire as a hotshot, helicopter-rappeller, and smokejumper, as well as earning a technical degree in applied fire science under the Wildland Firefighter Apprenticeship Program.  Nolan is focusing his graduate research on measuring pre- and post-fire carbon emissions and  carbon sequestration through char. Other interests include fire ecology, LiDAR mapping, and remote sensing and GIS analysis.

University of Idaho, Moscow, ID, 83844