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Course Schedule/Deliverables and Project Information (at bottom)


Fall Semester 2018

Date Day Topic/Deliverable
8/21 Tu GENERAL SESSION #1 (JEB 104) - Course Overview and Expectations (All)
                                                 Course Schedule (Matt)
                                                 Career Center Resources (Rachel)
8/23 Th GENERAL SESSION #2 (JEB 104) - Project Options and Assignment Process (Matt)
                                                 Project Fair Setup & Logistics (Matt)
                                                 Bid Portfolios (Matt)
8/28 Tu GENERAL SESSION #3 (Vandal Ballroom - Pitman Center) - Project Fair (3:30 - 5:30 pm)
8/30 Th GENERAL SESSION #4 (JEB 104) - Product Development Process (Matt)
                                                 Logbooks and Project Portfolios (Mike)
                                                 Project Learning & Client Interviews (Dev)
DUE: Project Bid Portfolio (bring to class)
9/4 Tu GENERAL SESSION #5 (Vandal Ballroom - Pitman Center)
Team Assignment and Kickoff Activity (Dan)
                                                 Mentor Introductions (Mike)
9/6 Th GENERAL SESSION #6 (JEB 104) - Product Requirements (Matt)
                                                 Project Budgeting (Matt)
                                                 Purchasing Procedures (Molly/Mollyanne)
DUE: Completed Team Contract (to your lead instructor)
9/11 Tu GENERAL SESSION #7 (JEB 104) - Project Management (Behnaz)
                                                 Communication Standards (Matt)
                                                 Design Validation Plan (Matt)
by 9/11 Tu DUE: 1st Instructor/Team meeting completed w/minutes circulated
9/13 Th Shop Orientation (GJ Design Suite) - attend only if shop use is anticipated for project
DUE: DRAFT Budget estimates for both Fall & Spring (to your lead instructor)
9/25 Tu GENERAL SESSION #8 (JEB 104) - Value Proposition (George)
                                                 Snapshot Day #1 Expectations (Bruce)     
                                                 Industry Panel Prep (Mike)
                                                 Career Fair Preparation (Rachel)
by 9/25 Tu DUE: Client Visit & Interview (w/ lead instructor)
9/27 Th DUE: Product Requirements Document (PRD) (to your lead instructor)
10/2 Tu GENERAL SESSION #9 (Borah Theater) - INDUSTRY PANEL: Real-World Engineering
                                                           Discussion Prompts
10/2 Tu DUE: Project Schedule for both Fall & Spring (to your lead instructor)
10/3 Wed UI CAREER FAIR (ASUI Kibbie Activity Center) 2:00 - 6:00 pm
10/4 Th DUE: Logbook (w/review form) & Portfolio (to you lead instructor)
10/9 Tu GENERAL SESSION #10 (GJ 108 & GJ 105) - Snapshot Day #1 (see team locations below)
10/11 Th Optional "Learn How to Pitch" Seminar (JEB 104) - Idaho Pitch Preparation (George)
10/16 Tu GENERAL SESSION #11 (JEB 104) - Idaho Pitch (George)
                                                Concept Design Review Expectations (Matt)
                                                Sustainability (Behnaz)
                                                Wikipage Expectations (Steve/Ankit)
                                                Team Member Citizenship Assessment Tool (Dev)
10/18 Th DUE: Design Validation Plan (DVP) (to your lead instructor)
10/19 Fr Idaho Pitch Competition (1912 Center, Moscow) 4:30 - 6:30 pm
10/23 Tu Wikipage Workshop (JEB 331?) - Team wikimasters only (see assigned times below)
10/25 Th DUE: Project Value Proposition (to your lead instructor)
10/30 Tu PCB Workshop (JEB 104) - ECE students only (Feng)
11/1 Th DUE: Draft Wikipage (notify your lead instructor when done)
11/6 Tu Wiki Review Session (JEB 104) - Team wikimasters only (see assigned times below)
11/8 Th DUE: Logbook (w/review form) & Portfolio (to your lead instructor)
11/13 Tu Signal Integrity Workshop (JEB 104) - ECE students only (Feng)
by 11/16 Fr DUE: Concept Design Review (with your lead instructor)
by 11/16 Fr Attend at least two design reviews from other teams (preferably before your own)
11/16 Fr DUE: Team Member Citizenship (email electronic copy to your lead instructor)
11/20-22 Tu-Th Thanksgiving Holiday
11/27 Tu GENERAL SESSION #12 (JEB 104) - Snapshot Day #2 Preparation
                                                   End of Semester Deliverables
11/30 Fr GENERAL SESSION #13 (GJ Labs) - Snapshot Day #2 (8:30-10:15 am) locations below
  => Design Suite Set-up Thursday afternoon or Friday morning
  => Power Lab Set-up must be done Friday morning
12/4 Tu Wiki Review Session (JEB 104) - Team wikimasters only (see assigned times below)
      Project Portfolio (submitted to your lead instructor)
      Wikipage (with notification to your lead instructor)
      Logbook w/review form (submit to your lead instructor)

Spring Semester 2018
Date Day Topic/Deliverable
1/11 Th Begin weekly meetings with your lead instructor
1/16 Tu GENERAL SESSION #1 (AG SCI 106) - Semester Schedule (Matt)
                                                   - Design Expo Registration (Rob)
                                                   - Detailed Design Review Protocol (Matt)
                                                   - NSF Survey (Matt)
1/23 Tu DUE: Design Expo Registration
1/29-2/9   DUE: Detailed Design Review (w/client & lead instructor)
2/13 Tu GENERAL SESSION #2 (AG SCI 106) - Design Review Progress (Dan)
                                               - Snapshot #3 Expectations (Dan)
                                               - Design Failure Mode Effects Analysis (DFMEA) (Behnaz)
  => bring system diagram, drawing package if you have one, and bill of materials
2/16 Fr DUE: Logbook (w/review form to lead instructor)
3/6 Tu GENERAL SESSION #3 (GJ Labs) - Snapshot day #3
3/6 Tu DUE: Team Member Citizenship Form (to lead instructor)
        Team Portfolio (w/review form to lead instructor)
        Wikipage Update (through mid-semester)
3/12-3/16   Spring Break
3/20 Tu GENERAL SESSION #4 (AG SCI 106) - Snapshot Recap (Matt)
                                                   - Wiki Expectations (Matt)
                                                   - Ethics (Matt)
                                                   - Final Reports (Dan)
3/27 Tu Wiki page review (AG SCI 106) - come at your assigned time
4/13 Fr DUE: Logbook (w/review form to lead instructor)
Tu GENERAL SESSION #5 (AG SCI 106) - Project Posters (Dan)
                                                   - Expo Prep (Dan, Rob)
                                                   - Course Deliverables (Dan)
                                                   - Wiki Notes (Matt)
4/27 Fr GENERAL SESSION #6 - Design Expo
DUE: Booth Display/Poster at Expo
DUE: Technical Presentation at Expo
5/1 Tu Wiki consulting (AG SCI 106) - only for teams needing special attention
     Final hardware/software (approved for shipment to client)
     Design Report/Project Portfolio (approved by lead instructor)
     Wikipage (approved by lead instructor AND Dr. Swenson)
     Project Poster (approved by lead instructor and delivered to designated location)
     Work Area Check-Out (approved by staff member in charge of your work area)
     Electronic Archive/File Management (approved by lead instructor)    

2018-2019 Project Information

Aug. 28, 2018 - Project Fair Guide

No. Sponsor
Project Description

Design Review Time/Location

Student Team Members Lead Instructors
& Mentor
Setup/ Review Time
Snapshot Locations
1 Biodiesel Education - Methanol vacuum flash evaporator N BE, ME        
2 IAC - Retrofitting a motor dyno with modern instrumentation N BE, ME, EE        
3 Moller - Automated biochar injection system N BE, ME, EE        
4 Schiele - Controllable treadmill for exploring locomotor behavior N BE, ME, CS        
5 UI CS - VR (virtual reality) evolutionary video game N CS        
6 UI CS - Modeling of Electric Power Transmission, Distribution, and Control N CS, EE        
7 UI CS - Modeling of Digital Networks and the Internet N CS        
8 Schneider - Visual Depth and Velocity Mapping Y CS        
9 K2 BioSystem - Instrumentation for Optical Scatterometry Y EE, ME, CompE, CS, BE        
10 NASA Ames - Suborbital Flight Communication N EE, ME, CompE, CS        
11 UI ChME - Electroencephalography (EEG) Device (low-cost) N EE, CS, BE        
12 UI ECE - Solar Roadways N EE        
13 Avista - Transactional Energy
N EE, CS        
14 SEL - Cybersecurity Testbed for Power System Y EE        
15 SEL - TBD Y EE        
16 UI ECE - SCADA Control of a Generator N EE        
17 NASA - Local Position System (LPS) N EE, ME        
18 NASA - Microbiome Sensing N EE        
19 UI ECE - Determining Axle Configuration on Semi-trucks N EE, CompE        
20 UI ECE - Senior Citizen Monitoring System N EE, CompE        
21 UI ECE - Data Acquisition System Based on the Xilinx Zynq SoC Platform N EE, CompE        
22 UI ECE - Lab Development using Curiosity Board N EE, CompE        
23 UI ECE - Smart Animal Monitoring System N EE, CS, CompE        
24 DesignMagnitude - Advanced Multirotor Drone N EE, ME, CompE, CS        
25 UI Facilities - Co-generation with Microturbines N EE        
26 UI ECE - System for Next-Gen Wireless Devices N EE        
27 Itron - Smart City Water Sustainability Y ME, EE        
28 BiMBy - Delivery and Dispersion of Concentrated Sunlight Y ME, EE        
29 Nightforce - Automated Thread Burnishing Y ME        
30 UI ME - Product Design for Manufacture and Reliability Y CompE, EE        
31 Drywired/Avista - NanoTint Window Insulation N ME, MSE        
32 Bastian Solutions - Robotic Tote Extractor Y ME, EE        
33 Inceptus - Electric Airplane Tug Y ME        
34 Vista Outdoors - Aerodynamic Jump and Bullet Stability Y ME        
35 Discovery Center - Gesture Control Robotics Exhibit N ME, CS        
36 Crepeau/Tanner - Catheter Sleeve to Prevent Urinary Tract Infections N ME, BE        
37 SEL - Circuit Board Cg Measurement System Y ME, EE        
38 SEL - Circuit Board Tray Ejector Latch Y ME        
39 Hyster-Yale - Lithium-ion Battery Heavy Duty Cooling Y ME        
40 Idaho National Lab - Met Box Remote Visualization System Y ME        
41 UI Geology - Hydrothermal Tomography System N ME, EE        
42 Boeing - Tube Insulation Installation Y ME        
43 UI ME - Clean Snowmobile Challenge N ME