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Class Schedule/Deliverables & Project Information (at bottom)


Spring 2018

Date Topic/Deliverable
1/11 (Th) GENERAL SESSION #1 - Course Overview and Expectations (REN 126)
1/16 (Tu) GENERAL SESSION #2 - Project Options #1 and Bid Portfolio (REN 126)
1/18 (Th) GENERAL SESSION #3 - Project Options #2 and Bid Portfolio (REN 126)
1/21 (Sun) DUE: Project Bid Portfolio - COB w/Bruce Bolden (CS) or Herb Hess (ECE)
1/23 (Tu) GENERAL SESSION #4 - Team Assignments and Team Formation
1/30 (Tu) GENERAL SESSION #5 -  Budgets, Instructor/Team Meetings,
                                   Engineering Logbooks, Project Learning,
                                   Writing Specifications (REN 126)
2/13 (Tu) GENERAL SESSION #6 - Wikipage Expectations, Wiki Workshop (REN 126)
1/30-2/9 DUE: Client Interview (w/lead instructor)
2/20-2/23 DUE: Logbook (w/review form) - to your lead instructor
2/27 (Tu) GENERAL SESSION #7 - EXPO Registration and Snapshot Expectations  (Rob) (**EP 122**)
3/20 (Tu) GENERAL SESSION #8 - Design Reviews, Team Member Citizenship (REN 126)
3/22 (Th) GENERAL SESSION #9 - Snapshot Day (GJ Labs)
3/27 (Tu) Wiki page review - come at your assigned time (EP 122)
3/27-4/6 DUE: Design Review (w/client & lead instructor)
DUE: Logbook (w/review form) - to your lead instructor
4/3 (Tu) OPTIONAL PCB Workshop
4/17 (Tu) GENERAL SESSION #10 - Design EXPO Expectations  (**EP 122**)
4/27 (Fr) GENERAL SESSION #11 - Design EXPO
5/3 (Th) Wiki page review - come at your assigned time
5/4 (Fr) DUE: Team Portfolio, Webpage, Peer Review, Logbook (w/review form) - by COB


Summer 2017

Date Topic/Deliverable
6/12 (M) GENERAL SESSION #1 - Course Overview, Project Bid Portfolios, Project Options
6/13 (T) GENERAL SESSION #2 - Engineering Logbooks, Design Process, Project Learning
DUE: Project Bid Portfolio - COB in Dr. Beyerlein's mailbox in ME department
6/14 (W) GENERAL SESSION #3 - Team Formation, Set-up Instructor/Team Meeting Times
6/15 (Th) Shop Orientation session (report to GJ design suite)
6/19 (M) GENERAL SESSION #4 - Problem Statements & Specs, Project Management
6/20-22 (T-Th) 1st Instructor/Team Meeting
by 6/24 DUE: Client Interview (w/lead instructor)
6/26 (M) GENERAL SESSION #5 - Wikipage Expectations & Workshop, Shared Drive Management
6/27-29 (T-Th) 2nd Instructor/Team Meeting
7/3-6 (M-Th) 3rd Instructor/Team Meeting
7/10 (M) DUE: Portfolio, Initial Wikipage, Logbook (w/review form) - by COB
7/10 (M) GENERAL SESSION #6 - Portfolio, Wikipage, and Logbook Feedback,
                                 Design Review Expectations
7/10-13 (T-Th) 4th Instructor/Team Meeting
by 7/27 DUE: Design Review (w/client & lead instructor)
7/17-20 (T-Th) 5th Instructor/Team Meeting
7/24-27 (T-Th) 6th Instructor/Team Meeting
7/31 (M) GENERAL SESSION #7 - Snapshot Day Expectations
8/3 (Th) GENERAL SESSION #8 - Snapshot Day
8/5 (F) DUE: Portfolio, Wikipage, Team Member Citizenship,
Logbook (w/review form) - all by COB

Fall 2017
Date Topic/Deliverable
8/22 GENERAL SESSION #1 (EP214) - Course Schedule, COE Career Center Resources (Rachel),                                              Detailed Design Reviews, Wiki Site Inventory, Scheduling
                                             Weekly Instructor/Team/Mentor Meetings
9/12 GENERAL SESSION #2 (EP214) - Design Failure Mode Effects Analysis, Prep for Snapshot Day
by 9/22 DUE: Detailed Design Review (w/client & lead instructor)
10/3 GENERAL SESSION #3 (Borah Theater) - Industry Panel
10/3 DUE: Logbook (w/review form) - submit to lead instructor by COB
10/10 GENERAL SESSION #4 (GJ Design Suite) - Snapshot Day
11/7 Wiki Site Review (REN 111) - Team wikimasters come at your assigned time
11/7 DUE: Logbook (w/review form) - submit to lead instructor by COB
11/10 DUE: Team Member Citizenship Assessment - submit to lead instructor
11/28 GENERAL SESSION #5 (EP 214) - Snapshot Prep, Semester Deliverables
12/1 GENERAL SESSION #6 (GJ Design Suite) - Snapshot Day, 8:30-10:15
=> Design Suite set-up Thursday afternoon or Friday morning
=> Power Lab set-up must occur Friday morning
12/5 Wiki Site Review (REN 111) - Team wikimasters come at your assigned time
  Hardware/Software Prototype (approved by client and lead instructor)
  Final Report/Portfolio (approved by client and lead instructor)
  Wikipage (approved by lead instructor and Dr. Beyerlein)
  Logbook w/review form (per lead instructor directions)
  Work Area Check-Out (with appropriate lab supervisor)
  Electronic Archive/File Management (approved by lead instructor)

Project Teams
Project & Sponsor

Snapshot Location
Wiki Meeting Time (GJ 114)
Disciplines SEA Design Review
Group email,
Team Members
Lead Instructors
& Mentor
1. Electric Generator Modeling and Automatic Generation Controller

ECE Power Lab
ECE   Geoffrey VonBargen
Nathan Bliesner
Mohanned Almoneef
Suliman Alrashidi
Waleed Almotairi
2. LSV2 EMI measurement and mitigation

ECE Power Lab
ECE/CompE   Jacob Belchler
Kristen Wells
Jared Mahoney
3. Towerlights Tower Animator Enhancements

ECE Power Lab
ECE/CompE   Zachary Bjorklund
Brewster, Brandon Thomas
Spence, Zachary Taylor
6. Assistive Technologies Shirt Instrumentation

Design Suite (GJ 108a)
ECE/CompE   Hotchkiss, Colton Russell
Genaro Martinez
Yazeed Alotaibi
Abdullah Aldoussari
8. Developing a smart phone app to monitor/control Poinsettia Covering System

ECE Power Lab
ECE/CompE   Breckenridge, Robert James
Jank, Brandon M.
Krenowicz, Nicholas I.
9. Internet-of-Things for Sustainabiliy

ECE Power Lab
ECE/CompE Daniel Gentile
David Mortin
Kirkland, Matthew J.
Gilmore, Maxwell T
12. Headphone pitch

ECE Power Lab
ECE/CompE   Alex Inskeep
Adam Seubert
13. Solar Tracker & Heat Pipe Experiments

Design Suite (GJ 108)
ME   Daniel Cox
Jens Christianson
Bradley Spiers
14. Spinal Pump

Design Suite (GJ 108)
ME   Krissy Buckler
Claire Majors
Brian Aldrimk
Nick Shaber
15. Free Cooling for UI Data Centers

Design Suite (GJ 108)
ME   Kevin Marwan
Alex Leppek
Justin Hinrichs
16. Next Generation Bandbeesten

Design Suite (GJ 108)
ME   Riley Yager
Chris Baker
Zhang Huijie
17. Robotic Manufacturing Cell

Design Suite (GJ 108)
ME   Reb Revels
Michael Meyer
Cameron Spalding