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Digital Catalogs:

Digital catalogs are available on any of the MindWorks computer terminals. A list of the available catalogs, and a short description is given below.

Altech Corp.

Electronic control components including terminal blocks, fuses, circuit breakers, switches, sensors, enclosures, and more.

Anaheim Automation

Automation products including step motors, drivers, controllers, computer based products, pulse generators and more.

Automation Direct

All types of automation products including PC interfaces, contollers, encoders, motors, sensors, and more.


Washer selection program and custom stamping information.

Die Casting

Videos and information on die casting. No products.

NI Academic

National Instruments academic resources including courseware, product applications, and product information.

NI Instrupedia

National Instruments interactive encyclopedia of measurement and automation.


Temperature, data acquisition, pressure strain & force, flow & level, electric heaters, the green book, Newport data book, videos, and Dilbert comics.

Omega Data Acquisition

Data acquisition products and manuals.

Omega Pressure & Force

Includes the Pressure Strain and Force Handbook, the Temperature Handbook, and other manuals.

Oriental Motor

Standard AC motors, stepping motors, and cooling fans.


Rugged handheld and panel-mount operator interface terminals for OEMs, for vehicle and industrial applications.


Large-diameter anti-friction bearings.


CAN ONLY RUN ON WORF!! Access hardware ranging from latches, captive fasteners, hinges, handles, and drive rivets.


CAN ONLY RUN ON WORF!! Stock Precision Engineered Components. This is an interactive spring selection program for any and all types of springs.