ME 421 - Advanced CAD

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Course Description
This course features use of the Computer Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application (CATIA) software, which is an integral part of large-scale engineering projects in the aerospace and automotive industries. Many of the toolbars are analogous to those experienced in SolidWorks, but with a more diverse range of options and features. The first portion of the course reviews part modeling, assemblies, drawings, and use of design tables for parametric modeling. The second portion of the course explores the interaction of CAD and CAM software leading to NC programming. The final portion of the course is a design synthesis project.

Pre-Class Preparation In-Class Activity Post-Class Assignment
August 22nd
  • Course Syllabus
  • Website organization
  • S-drive set up
    • Problem Sets
    • HW Submission
    • Returned HW
    • Final Projects


Watch videos and review CATIA resources in preparation for week 1
August 29th
  • CATIA Lessons Critical Thinking Questions
    What are similarities and differences between CATIA and SW nomenclature?

    How do you manipulate the mouse (as well as the spaceball) to pan left/right, up/down, zoom in/out, change center, and fit to screen?

    How do you know if sketched lines are under defined, fully defined, or over defined?

    When/why would you use the 'constraints' tool versus the 'constraints definition' tool?

    How do you learn how to use a new tool in a given workbench?

    When using a tool, how are you prompted for the next entity that the tool is expecting?

    Which tools in the videos require you to select multiple entities?  How is this done?
  • Quiz
  • Debrief Quiz
  • Demonstration
  • (In-class Assignment)
    • Opening CATIA
    • Workbenches
    • Navigation
      • Spaceball
      • Mouse
    • Help (F1)
    • Design Tree
      • Active
      • Inactive
    • Basic Sketching
      • Sketch your initials
Problem Set 1
  • Intro to CATIA V5 (text)
    • 1.2 - Selecting, editing, and viewing objects
    • 2.1 - Sketch work modes
  • Online Help (CATIA)
    • Sketcher - Getting started
  • Emulate this homework example when submitting your work.  Write something interesting and memorable in response to the discussion questions.  Include any additional images that contain special features that you discuss in your submission.

September 5th

  • Quiz
  • Debrief Quiz
Problem Set 2
  • Intro to CATIA V5 (text)
    • 2.2 - Simple profiles and constraints
    • 3.4 - Sketched-based features: Advanced commands
  • Sketch an exhaust cam
September 12th  
  • Quiz
  • Debrief Quiz
  • Demonstration
    • Replace Part in
      an Assembly
    • Send To
    • Save Management
    • Using Design Tables

Problem Set 3

files found on shared drive at
     catia course>
           19. fall 2015>

                course materials>

                      ps3> Post Class 

Howell Engine Parts
Screen Captures of Howell Engine
Howell Engine Assembly Help

Lego Engine Custom Parts

Cutter Design Table
Holder Design Table
Cutter & Holder Profile Handout

CATIA Quick Reference on making Design Tables

September 19th  
  • Quiz
  • Debrief Quiz
  • Demonstration

Problem Set 4
files found on shared drive at
     catia course>
           19. fall 2015>

                course materials>

                      ps4> Post Class 

September 26th


    Problem Set 5
  • Online Help (CATIA)
    •   WireFrame and Surface=> Getting started
    • Sheet Metal Design=> Getting started
    • Generative Shape Design and Optimizer=> Getting started
  • Create Bugatti Veyron hood using Sketch Tracer and either Wireframe, Sheetmetal, or GSD workbenches
October 3rd


  Problem Set 6
  • Online Help (CATIA)
    • Real time rendering=> Getting Started
  • Create two renderings from your LEGO Engine Mini Project Sub-Assembly
October 10th  


Problem Set 7
  • Online Help (CATIA)

    • Digital mock-up (DMU)

      • Kinematics=> Getting Started

  • Kinematics (DMU)

  • Assemble your LEGO Engine Mini Project w/DMU Fitting


October 17th  
  • Quiz
  • Debrief Quiz
  • Demonstration
  • Final Project Selections
  • Steam Engine Engineering Drawing Build
  • Lego Mindstorm Robot Design
  • Surface Modeling of Eccentric Shapes
  • CATIA Kaizen
  • Machine Shop Equipment Design: i.e. Wind tunnel modeling
  • Photo Realistic Rendering Project
Problem Set 8


October 24th


  • Quiz
  • Debrief Quiz
  • Demonstration
  • Final Project Assignments
    • Set up regular times for
      instructor-team meetings
Problem Set 9
  • Work through the "3-Axis Mill Machining" tutorial
    • Tutorial
    • Car.CATPart - Found on shared drive - PS 9.



October 31st



  • Instructor-team meeting.
  • Identify past project work and resources for use in your Final Project.
  • Finalize your Final Project goals. Email to lead instructor for approval before the end of the week.
  • Outline work plan for Final Project and begin project learning.
November 7th



  • Instructor-team meeting.
  • Final Project work. Email progress report to lead instructor before the end of the week.
November 14th


  • Instructor-team meeting.
  • Final Project work.
November 28th


  • Instructor-team meeting.
  • Final Project work. Place approved Snapshot Day powerpoint in the designated area on the shared drive by COB the evening before snapshot.
  • Snapshot Day (12/1/2017)
    • 6-7 PowerPoint Slides
    • Demonstrate 95%
      project completion
December 5th


  • Instructor-team meeting.
  • Final Project work
    • Store in the Final Project folder on the S:drive
    • All projects are due by Friday 12/8/17 at 5:00pm