Professor Charles C. Harris

Professor Harris has been at the University of Idaho for over 20 years, where he has taught and conducted research on a wide variety of topics, including: the human dimensions of ecosystem management and restoration ecology; the impacts of resource management activities and policies on rural communities; social impact assessment and deliberative public input processes; resource management, policy, and planning; the organizational psychology of resource management; and natural resource tourism, impacts, and market analysis. Professor Harris' publications have been cited on such topics as sense of place, place-based value mapping and resource planning, organizational change in resource management agencies, impacts on resource-dependent communities, and recreation user fees.

The human dimension in natural resources

Professor of Environmental Management, Policy and Planning
Department of Conservation Social Sciences
College of Natural Resources
University of Idaho UIPO Box 441139
Moscow, ID 83844-1139 USA
Telephone 208-885-6314 | Email:

Human Dimensions of Restoration Ecology (CSS 572)
Decision-making for Watershed Management (CSS 573)
Practicum in Restoration Ecology (CSS 580)