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An integration of issues in natural resources

The Master of Natural Resources (MNR) is an interdisciplinary course-based graduate program designed for mid- and executive-level professionals who wish to enhance their educational credentials for a career in natural resources. The fundamental objective of the MNR graduate program is to integrate and scale various perspectives – ecological, the human dimension, planning, policy and law, and practical tools – into a systems view of natural resources.

This unique professional degree is accessible to students of diverse academic backgrounds and will help graduates develop credentials and skills for the effective management of natural resources.

The MNR program offers two areas of specialization: Integrated Natural Resources and Fire Ecology & Management.

Explore the specialization that best fits your educational and professional objectives.


Integrated Natural Resources
Fire Ecology & Management
Integrated Natural Resources specialty

Fire Ecology & Management specialty

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Rather than the traditional thesis-based Master of Science (M.S.) graduate program, the MNR program is course-based program of 30 semester credits, culminating with an oral presentation of a case study project. Students select a suite of courses from four major categories. The program of courses may be taken entirely on-line, on-campus, or a combination of both. In contrast to the emphasis on research as in the thesis or doctoral programs, the MNR program focuses on breadth across natural resource disciplines and is designed as a terminal degree.

The MNR program is coordinated by the MNR faculty, which is comprised of professors from a variety of disciplines in the College of Natural Resources. The MNR faculty evaluates applicants for admission to the program, administers the program, and evaluates students’ case study presentation during the final defense. Students will have a faculty advisor for guidance throughout their program.

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