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Professor R. Robberecht, Director, MNR Program | Via video
Telephone: 208-885-7404

College of Natural Resources
University of Idaho
Moscow, Idaho 83844-1133 USA

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Professor Edwin Krumpe

Professor Krumpe specializes in ecology and human influences on wilderness and protected areas. In addition to his academic responsibilities, he is principle scientist of wilderness management with the University of Idaho Wilderness Research Center. He has over thirty years experience in conducting research and teaching about recreation and tourism management, wilderness and wild and scenic river planning, natural resource communication, and public involvement and conflict resolution. Professor Krumpe conducts workshops and training in wilderness management, limits of acceptable change planning, and public involvement for federal, state and international agencies.  Professor Fins is a Fulbright Scholar.

The human dimension in natural resources

Professor Edwin Krumpe
Department of Conservation Social Sciences
College of Natural Resources
University of Idaho UIPO Box 441139
Moscow, ID 83844-1139 USA
Telephone 208-885-7911 | Email

Monitoring human impacts in wilderness (CSS 496)
Society and natural resources (CSS 235)
Wilderness & protected area management (CSS490)