The faculty of the MNR graduate program

The faculty in the MNR graduate program is an interdisciplinary group of scholars with expertise in a variety of natural resource fields. Additional faculty may serve as ad hoc members of the MNR faculty. All departments of the College of Natural Resources are represented by on the MNR faculty. Students in the MNR graduate program work with a faculty advisor during their program. Members of the MNR faculty evaluate students during their final presentation and defense.

The interdisciplinary faculty

Clinical Assistant Professor Leda Kobziar, Director
Fire ecology and restoration ecology

Associate Professor Dennis Becker
Policy Analysis Group (PAG)

Professor Randy Brooks
Extension forestry

Professor Jo Ellen Force
Forest policy & planning

Assistant Professor April Hulet
Rangeland ecology & management

Professor Karen Launchbaugh
Rangeland ecology & management

Professor R. Robberecht
Ecophysiology & ecology

Associate Professor Alistair Smith
Remote sensing & measurements

Assistant Professor Eva Strand
Geospatial analysis

Associate Professor Frank Wilhelm
Ecology of lake ecosystems

Professor Lisette Waits
Conservation biology

Associate Professor Patrick Wilson
Environmental Policy & politics






A view of the Middle Fork Salmon (İR. Robberecht)

Master of Natural Resources Program
College of Natural Resources

Additional faculty members may serve as
ad hoc
members of the MNR graduate program