Consultations via video conferencing

Face-to-face consultation between student and advisor is an important and valuable part of graduate education. For students in the program who are not on the Moscow campus of the University of Idaho, this essential part of graduate education is more difficult. While correspondence via email is often an effective tool, it does not provide the same level of personal interaction as in face-to-face communication. Thus, it is highly recommended that off-campus students consult with their advisor via a video conference system in order to achieve a similar level of personal interaction that is experienced by on-campus students.

The current video conferencing systems are easy to use and at no cost beyond the initial purchase of a web camera.

Consultations via video conferencing is particularly important during the development and completion phases of the final case study presentation.

Students are highly encouraged to use video conferencing for consultation with their advisor.

Video conferencing systems

Video conferencing options

Skype (by appointment)

Webcam options

Logitech Pro 9000
Logitech portable Webcam C905
Webcam built-in to your computer