Note. Concerning the email from the graduate school about annual evaluations, contact the director first (before your advisor).

Professor R. Robberecht, Director, MNR Program | Via video
Telephone: 208-885-7404

College of Natural Resources
University of Idaho
Moscow, Idaho 83844-1133 USA

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Associate Professor Kerri T. Vierling

Associate Professor Vierling specializes in avian ecology, ornithology, and conservation biology.

The ecology of animal populations

Associate Professor, Avian ecology and conservation biology
Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources
University of Idaho UIPO 83844-1136
Moscow, Idaho 83844-1136 USA
Telephone 208-885-5378 | Email

Wildlife Ecology II (WLF 316)
Principles of Population Dynamics (FISH 316)
Ornithology (WLF 482)