NIATT Purchasing Card Policy

All users of a NIATT credit card must complete a Cardholder Agreement and are responsible for following University of Idaho Purchasing Card Regulations. Only students who have been pre-approved by their advisors can check out a purchasing card.

Credit card purchases have a $500 limit.  If your order exceeds $500, you need to see Debbie.

It is against University regulations to split up an order to keep it under $500.

The user of the NIATT credit card is responsible for purchases made while the card is checked out. DO NOT turn the card over to another user.

Users MUST return the card to the NIATT office with the accompanying receipts, no later than 2 days after a purchase.  In certain circumstances, you can make other arrangements at the time you check out the card.  Any user of a NIATT/UI credit card who does not promptly return a credit card with receipts or violates the Cardholder Agreement will lose credit card use privileges. 

Note: The University of Idaho/NIATT is Sales Tax Exempt. If vendors are unfamiliar with the UI credit card, they may request the Tax Exempt number (826000945). Please make sure no tax is charged on your purchase.

Whether making an on-line or phone order, enter or provide information exactly as it appears on the card you happen to have (For example if the card says Tami A. Noble on first line, that is the information you need to provide).

PURCHASER should use his/her name in the ship to address so we can identify the person to notify when a package comes. Purchasers will be notified when orders are received in NIATT.

Billing Address and Ship to Address:

875 Perimeter Dr. MS 0901
Moscow, ID  83844-0901

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University of Idaho
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Phone:  (208) 885-0576
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