Our values . . .

Six core values inform our work:

Environmentally-Friendly and
Sustainable Transportation

We are committed to preserving and protecting the natural and pristine environments of the Pacific Northwest and its small cities and towns. We contribute to the sustainability of this environment through the development of clean vehicles, alternative fuels, efficient traffic control systems, safe transportation systems, sound infrastructure, and the policies that support these systems.

Practical, experiential for student-centered learning environment
Universities exist primarily to educate the citizens that it serves. We value our students and engage them in practical, experiential-learning centered environments.

Life-long learning
We provide life-long, continuous learning opportunities for transportation professionals in Idaho and the Northwest at all levels of practice.

Practical Research and Relevant Problems
We engage our faculty and students in challenging, practical, and relevant transportation problems that have regional and national significance. Our research results in technology that satisfies the needs of our clients. Our research informs the actions and decisions of our clients.

Interdisciplinary, Collaborative Teams
We create interdisciplinary teams of undergraduate students, working with graduate students, mentored by expert faculty. We seek partnerships with organizations committed to our values to work on problems of mutual interest. We
look to partners in the Pacific Northwest, both at universities and departments of transportation, for collaborative partnerships.

Integration of Education and Research
We are committed to integrating our research with the educational programs of the university.

Our goals . . .

Researchers and students working for NIATT are seeking to find the answer to these eight questions:

  • How can we make our transportation systems more sustainable?
  • How can we reduce environmental impacts of our transportation system and preserve the northwest’s pristine environments?
  • How can we reduce our dependence on petroleum use for transportation?
  • How can we reduce delays and improve travel time reliability through improved traffic control systems?
  • How can we improve the safety of our transportation systems?
  • How can we improve the durability, reliability, and life of our physical (built) transportation infrastructure?
  • How do we make good choices in transportation investments?
  • How can we improve the skills and abilities of transportation workers so that they can do their jobs more effectively?

Dale Moore of ITD instructs students at a Traffic Signal Summer Workshop



Prospective undergraduate and graduate students and others welcome to visit. If you would like to schedule a meeting with a faculty researcher, send us an email.





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