NIATT has been part of the University Transportation Centers (UTC) Program since 1998. Through the UTC, NIATT has been able to offer undergraduate research assistantships, graduate research assistantships, and graduate fellowships to countless students. We are featuring University of Idaho Alumni who took part in the research that was done on a UTC project over the years.

Samantha Campbell
MSCE ‘11BSCE ‘10

Samantha CampbellSamantha Campbell (MSCE ‘11, BSCE ‘10) is currently working as a Transportation/ Traffic Engineer Intern with Ayres Associates in Cheyenne, WY. Her responsibilities include construction engineering, transportation engineering, and traffic engineering.  The majority of her work involves traffic engineering and includes the evaluation of traffic issues on transportation projects, collecting and analyzing traffic counts and surveys of existing traffic conditions, as well as studying traffic engineering problems and developing plans for improvement.  

Samantha's thesis work focused on railroad preemption. Her research was used to develop a curriculum utilizing visualization to teach students and professionals the complex process of railroad preemption.  Her graduate school research was funded by NIATT through a University Transportation Centers (UTC) grant. Samantha said, "Without the funding provided to me, it would not have been possible to attend graduate school and receive a master’s degree.  My educational experience was greatly enhanced and I was able to focus solely on my research and studies with the fellowship NIATT provided me.  The education I was able to obtain from the professors working with NIATT has greatly helped me in my career and will continue to help me in the future."

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