Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I become a graduate student in NIATT?
Before you can work with a NIATT researcher, you must be enrolled as a graduate student at the University of Idaho. The application can be printed or you can apply on line.
2. What are the requirements for admission as a graduate student?
All the information you need concerning admission is located on graduate admissions website. The University of Idaho has four requirements that future graduate students must meet. Certain departments have requirements of their own, details of which can be found on the same website.
3. Are the requirements different for international students?
International students must meet language and academic requirements. The graduate admissions website has all necessary details.
4. What are my chances to receive a graduate assistantship?

Interested students must apply and be accepted for admission before they can be considered for assistantships. After you have been admitted as a graduate student, you could contact one of the NIATT researchers with an email indicating your interest in their research area. A limited number of assistantships are available each year for highly qualified students.

In most cases, international students must complete successfully one semester of studies before they can receive assistantships.

5. Could someone review my qualifications and tell me my chances of receiving an assistantship?

We're sorry, but the only way to be considered for an assistantship is to apply for and be accepted as a graduate student

6. Can I work on research if I'm only an undergraduate?

NIATT offers internships for undergraduates who would like to gain experience doing real research and earn an income while pursuing undergraduate degrees. To apply for an internship, complete the application and bring it to the NIATT office in EPB 115A.

7. Can I meet with a NIATT researcher and get a look at the NIATT facilities?

Certainly! Someone would be glad to meet with you to talk about your interest in transportation engineering. Send an email to or contact one of our researchers directly.

You can also take a virtual tour of our facilities.

8. Why should I get a Master's Degree?

It could mean money--and a whole lot more. More>

9. Are there really jobs in transportation engineering?

Certainly! More>


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