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If you like to have an email exchange with one of NIATT's grad students, email NIATT and we'll put you in touch with that person. You can ask them to tell you about their experience with NIATT, about their research, and what it's like to live in Moscow, Idaho, or other questions you may have about being a grad student at the UI.

Christopher DeLorto

Christopher DeLorto is from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. He completed his BSCE at the University of Idaho in December 2009.

He stayed at UI to work with Dr. Michael Kyte. He completed his MSCE June 2011. His thesis was titled "Using Gap Reduction with Stop-bar Detection at Signalized Intersections to Improve Green Termination Efficiency."


Christopher said "good-bye" to NIATT faculty, staff, and students with a few songs he sang while playing his guitar.

Christopher will be working in the North Cascades National Park in planning.

Simon Addei

Simon Addei is a native of Ghana, West Africa, where he obtained his bachelor's degree at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Schience and Technology (KNUST).

Simon came to the US in 2005 and moved from Seattle in the fall of 2007 to pursue his Master's degree and has since been enjoying school live at UI.

In the spring 2008, he was a TA for Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Rahim's Engineering Measurement class.

Dr. Michael Dixon, his advisor, made him part of a data-collection team, which included Monsur Ahmed and Asma Tuly.

This team of graduate students carries large containers of video cameras, computers, and other miscellaneous equipment in the field.

When Simon is not engaged in schoolwork, he loves to spend time with his wife and precious son.

Asma Tuly

Asma Hossain Tuly completed her B.S in Civil Engineering at the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) in 2005.

She came from Bangladesh in 2007 to pursue her Masterís degree in University of Idaho and working has as a NIATT research assistant since spring 2008.

Now she is working on her thesis on green tiAsma Tulyme utilization under the supervision of Dr. Michael Dixon, who is also her advisor. She is studying to see how green time utilization can help identify traffic problems on local intersections and after that provide the feedback that is necessary to improve the intersection.

For relaxation, Asma likes to hang out with her family and friends; she also enjoys watching movies and reading story books.

Howard Cooley

Howard CooleyHoward Cooley drives north from Clarkston, Washington, three days a week, and does his graduate work remotely the rest of the week.

When he's not studying or collecting data, Howard enjoys fishing (notice his shirt!) for fun and profit. He and his wife enjoy their cats and three dogs.

Howard's newest work is on a grant from the Federal Highway Administration to develop, test and revise new curricula and education programs to train individuals at all levels of the transportation workforce.

Ahmad Abu Abdo

Ahmad defended his PhD dissertation in November 2008 and can now be called Dr. (Engineer) Abu Abdo. Ahmad's dissertation concerned the performance of asphalt mixes for Idaho pavements.  Congratulations!

Ahmad came to the UI from Jordan wheAhmad Abu Abdore he attended the University of Jordan. After his graduation in 2000, he worked in Riyadh as a steel structure design engineer.

When he wasn't working on his research, Ahmad enjoyed traveling around the US. In the picture above, he is visiting the Hells' Gate Canyon area of Idaho.

Ahmad is currently working with S. J. Jung, completing a publication, and will soon be heading back to Jordan. We'll miss his smiling fact.

Dan Cordon

What would the Small Engine Lab be without Dan's presence? NIATT was lucky enough to hire Dan as Development Engineer following his PhD dissertation in 2010. Dan keeps the engine bay up and running as well as being a technicaDan Cordonl editor on final reports.

Dan chose this picture because it shows where you can usually find him--engaged with an engine!

As a long-time member of the IEWorks team (first as an undergrad, then a grad), Dan sets a high standard for the students in mechanical engineering with whom he works. That's what made him the Student-of-the-Year in 2004.

When Dan made a presentation before the NIATT Advisory Board, he listed his future plans, that included:

  • Continuing teaching
  • Continuing research with catalytic ignition and alternative fuels
  • Giving back to the system that gave to me

Dan was also recognized by the UI as the Outstanding Graduate Student Teacher in 2009.

Nick Harker

What would you like to know about two-stroke, direct-injection snowmobiles? Nick's the person to ask! Of course, Nick is backed up by an entire team of undergraduates known as the Clean Snowmobile Team.  

Nick knows how to have fun--but he's also a gentleman. At the 2008 competition, he helped another team when their sled caught on fire during one of the events.











Nick was NIATT's student-of-the-year in 2009. He received his MS in the spring of 2009 and will begin work at INL in the summer.


Sk. Monsur Ahmed

Sk Monsur AhmedMonsur Ahmed came from Bangladesh, where he completed Bachelors degree at the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology.

As a research assistant, he works with Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Rahim on an Automated Tester project for the Idaho Transportation Department.

He completed thesis under the supervision of Dr. Michael Dixon. His research work is based on queue spillback detection of signalized intersections and performance improvement of the intersection by feedback provided to the signal controller. Monsur is working on Rabbit microprocessor to send communication to ASC3 controller, collect data from the controller and give feedback to it.

We congratulate S. K. on receiving his master's degree and beginning work at D. K. Associates in Seattle, WA.

Prashant Darveshi

Prashant Darveshi, a graduate research assistant who came from India, is working with Dr. Thomas Weaver and Dr. Bayomy.

Research for his thesis makes use of ABAQUS, a finite element method software package, which he uses to identify and calibrate the dynamic modulus (E star) test and APA test for asphalt mixes. Prashant models asphalt pavement as a visco plastic behavioral material in ABAQUS and calibrates the function of the test temperature, loading frequency, aggregates and binder content and air voids.

Edwin Anderson

As a graduate student, Edwin is a member of Idaho Engineering Works that provides stewardship of departmental design infrastructure, including mentoring of capstone design teams. He is also the course designer and primary facilitator for a new advanced CAD elective that focuses on CATIA. This course has attracted accolades and financial support from many corners of the Boeing Company, successfully launching a new CAD/CAM initiative within the department.

For his graduate research, Edwin retro-fitted a single cylinder engine for alternative fuel testing, and developed a user-friendly computer application for studying in-cylinder heat release from alternative fuels. He talked about his research at the 2009 NIATT Advisory Board Banquet.

Randy Storm and Vic Christensen

Find these guys in the Small Engine Laboratory. Their talk: Engines, engines, engines!

They are directing work to construct a dilution tunnel that will be. . .

Katrina Leichleiter, Josh Gibson, and Josh Royce

To see this team of students at work, you have to visit the Boise campus of UI. There, they work with Dr. Judi Steciak on catalytic ignition.

Seung Il Baek

Watch out! SEUNG IL BAEK is the guy who works with Dr. S. J. Jung and Dr. Fouad Bayomy as a graduate research assistant. His research  as he works towards his PhD is to to find a way to simplify pavement testing. Seung is from Korea and enjoys playing most kinds of sports, especially basketball and snowboarding.

Where did they go??? Student involvement with NIATT research translates into good jobs.

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