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This page is intended for the use of NIATT research faculty, who will not only find links to useful places on UI web pages and forms, but also current information about up-coming meetings and minutes from those meetings, notes from the director and announcements of grant opportunities specific to NIATT capabilities. If you would like a new link added or some other form added, email us.


Useful Links

Be aware of these UI regulations

  • Buying food on campus  (pdf)
  • When traveling, UI  employees can "eat"--reimbursement is done by per diem. You can not purchase and get reimbursed for food for someone with whom you meet, since those people are not in "travel status."  Questions? Call Debbie.
  •  Purchases must be made either by purchasing card, by reimbursement (claim voucher), or by purchase orders. Purchase orders are quick!  See Debbie--have address; phone number and fax number of vendor with you.


Check back for grant opportunities

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