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Current Issue

June 2006--
A New Approach for Assessing the Security and Survivability
of Intelligent Transportation Systems

Principal Investigators:
Ahmed Abdel-Rahim, Paul Oman, Brian K. Johnson

Past Issues

August 2005--
Using CART Regression to Improve Traffic Forecasting in Rural Idaho
PI: Michael Dixon

Past issues in pdf: Download  Adobe Reader
May 2005-Controlling Unstable Highway Slopes
PI:  Stanley Miller

March 2005-Improving Prediction of Hot Mix Asphalt Stability
PI:  Fouad Bayomy

November 2004--Vegetation Management Practices
PI: James Kingery

March 2003--Environmentally Clean Snowmobile
PI: Karen Den Braven

October 2002--Advanced Traffic Controller Lab
PI: Ahmed Abdel-Rahim 

May 2002--Controller Interface Device  

May 2001--FutureTruck--"The Clean SUV"    

August 2000--NIATT's Center for Transportation Infrastructure
The Goff Bridge

April 2000--Controller Interface Device

September 1999--AutoPayItem Software Development

May 1999--Advanced Vehicle Concepts Team


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