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Finishing Early

The last day to finish early is
Friday, November 21st.

You must take your Final Exam by this date if you are interested in finishing the class before the normal ending date.

Contact your instructor
if you would like to finish early.


How to get started in your Polya Class

Step 1: Watch this video and purchase your course notebook.  Notebooks are only available at the UI Bookstore.

Step 2: Go to your first class.  Bring your notebook.

Step 3: Go to and log in.  Your username will be your U of I email address, and your password will be the last five digits of your student ID.  When prompted, type in your access code.

Step 4: Watch the Polya Orientation Video and take the Polya Orientation Quiz in MyMathLab.

Step 5: Follow the notebook to complete your first week's assignment. Before asking for homework help, be sure to have filled out the corresponding notebook pages.



Blank Grade Sheet

Sample Grade Sheet

Polya Orientation Video


Alternate MyLabsPlus Log in Method

In the event that you are unable to log in to MyLabsPlus normally, click here and log in with your usual MyLabsPlus username and password.

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