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  REM 244 Wildland Fire Management
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During this course we will explore the origins of wildland fire management. We will follow the origins of fire usage from Asia and Africa, through Europe, and into the Americas. We will understand why certain policies were developed and what their consequences where. Importantly, we will understand why wildland fire management in the United States is doing what it is today.

We will chat about the physical phenomena of fire, look at the ecological role of fire across ecosystems, discuss how society has managed wildland fire from both a historical and technical points of view. Along the way we will discuss and explore a diversity of topics ranging from economics, and federal policy to the world-wide view of fire.

One thing to keep in mind about this course, and in most cases during your academic career, you will not learn how to direct an air drop, how to lead a hotshot crew or become an expert on how to lay out a fire line. What you will learn is why fire management is the way it is today. The study of fire is truly a life long learning process that I hope will be fueled by and begin with the topics in this course.









Picture: Experimental burn as part of University of Idaho Wildland Fire Program  


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