sae004059.jpg HAYDEN ANDERL
Eminent Archon & Rush Chair
sae004058.jpg TANNER JARED
Eminent Deputy Archon & Risk Manager
sae004057.jpg LUKE TORRETTA
Eminent Treasurer & Risk Manager
sae004056.jpg JAYMES HANSEN
Eminent Warden
sae004055.jpg BENNETT CHADWICK
Eminent Herald
sae004054.jpg ETHAN WAITE
Eminent Chaplain
sae004053.jpg MICHAEL CULLEN
Eminent Chronicler & Rush Chair
sae004052.jpg MIKAL WRIGHT
Eminent Corresponder
sae004051.jpg MICHAEL WELLS
Eminent Recorder
sae004050.jpg MITCH QUINTANA
House Manager

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Leadership

SAE believes that chapter leadership and campus political offices are excellent training for leadership after graduation. We intentionally elect a slate of chapter officers for each semester to give our members the opportunity to learn through personal experience. We believe that our semester terms of office give our members twice the opportunity to gain leadership and business experience than most fraternities that elect officers for a full year. It is important for us to run our chapter like a business. House officers range from president (chapter management) to house manager (pays our vendors) to warden (keeps our equipment operating) to rush chair (marketing and sales). Officer room and board credits are additional to available alumni academic scholarships. Many alumni tell us that they gained their first business experience in the SAE house.

SAE Officers 2011-2012

sae004042.jpg ZAC MCCLAIN
Rush Chair & Pledge Educator
sae004041.jpg JEFF CHOJNACKY
Rush & Scholarship Chair
sae004040.jpg NATHAN ARMON
Philanthropy Chair
sae004039.jpg COREY MARTINEAU
Scholarship Chair
sae004038.jpg MATTHEW KING
Scholarship Chair
sae004037.jpg JUSTON ANDERSEN
Social Chair
sae004036.jpg KYLE RAMOS
Social Chair
sae004035.jpg CARSON CLEM
Social Chair
sae004034.jpg MICHAEL SURDYK
Pledge Educator
sae004032.jpg ANDREW DENNIS sae004031.jpg ADAM BUNCH sae004030.jpg ALDO LOPEZ sae004029.jpg ALEX ANDERSON sae004028.jpg ALEX CARTER sae004027.jpg ALEX SCHREIBER sae004026.jpg ANDREW KUHARSKE sae004025.jpg AUSTIN HOREJS sae004024.jpg BEN GIRTON sae004023.jpg BRAD WHITE sae004022.jpg BRADEN AQUEROS sae004021.jpg BRETT SEELY sae004020.jpg BRIAN BLEE sae004019.jpg BRIAN BROOKS sae004018.jpg COLBY NAHAS sae004017.jpg DAVID SURDYK sae004016.jpg DEREK ALVERSON sae004015.jpg DREW GORDON sae004014.jpg DYLAN STEMP sae004013.jpg ED ANDERSON sae004012.jpg ERIC HORNBY sae004011.jpg FATHER GRIMM sae004010.jpg GREG HILBERT sae004009.jpg J EDGINTON sae004008.jpg JACOB ROBSON sae004007.jpg JACOBUS DERUYTER sae004006.jpg JAIME URIARTE sae004005.jpg JASON FELGENHAUER sae004004.jpg JOE MCGEE sae004003.jpg JOESPH COOK

SAE Members 2011-2012

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