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Please let us know a little about you or any questions contact our SAE Idaho Alpha Chapter's Membership Chairs!


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If you have any questions or are intrested in rushing the SAE Idaho Alpha Chapter this upcoming Fall please contact Membership Chairs below! Also, see our current albums - Follow us on FACEBOOK!

 Zac McClain at (208) 891-5324 or Michael Cullen at (208)724-7230

sae001001.gif sae006019.jpg sae006018.jpg SAE 2010-2011 Pledges in front of Fraternity. sae006017.jpg SAE 2010-2011 Pledge Week. sae006016.jpg SAE 2010 Rush - Order of the Violet. sae006015.jpg SAE 2010 Rush - Order of the Violet. sae006014.jpg SAE 2011 Bowery. SAE 2010 - 2011 Fraternity Kings and Queens. sae006013.jpg sae006012.jpg sae006011.jpg sae006010.jpg Formal entry, living room, newly renovated study and storage space for each member thanks to the SAE Loyalty Fund. sae006009.jpg CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT SAE NATIONAL, ALUMNI and EXTENSIVE REMODELING COMPLETED
Annual Dad's Weekend Auction/Fundraiser. sae006007.jpg

60 year old SAE photos of Paddy Murphy restored and shared on Facebook!

 (left) 1958 Parade. (above) 1956 - Paddy Murphy.
(mid left) 1957 - Procession. (below left) 1962 - Ode to Paddy Murphy.
sae006006.jpg sae006005.jpg sae006004.jpg sae006003.jpg sae006002.jpg sae006001.jpg  (lower left) Hey U of I alumni! Were you here in the 1960's for Paddy Murphy? Let us know by clicking below! (left) 1967 & (center) 1962 The Story Told of Paddy Murphy. (above) 1968 Paddy Murphy Olympics.