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Please let us know a little about you or any questions contact our SAE Idaho Alpha Chapter's Membership Chairs!


SAE Fraternity Events & Traditions

If you have any questions or are intrested in rushing the SAE Idaho Alpha Chapter this upcoming Fall please contact Membership Chairs below! Also, see our current albums - Follow us on FACEBOOK!

 Zac McClain at (208) 891-5324 or Michael Cullen at (208)724-7230

sae001001.gif sae007016.jpg sae007015.jpg SAE newley painted competition games table. sae007014.jpg SAE 2011 Mom's Weekend - Italian Dinner. sae007013.jpg SAE 2010 Rush - Introducing pledges. sae007012.jpg SAE yardwork is part of the duties to beautify before RUSH. sae007011.jpg SAE 2010-2011 Violets serenade. Sigma Alpha Epsilon collaborates many events through U of I . Annual Dad's Weekend Auction/Fundraiser.
Come RUSH with SAE!...RUSH Information Below & Events....BE TRUE.
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SAE 2011 Bowery Queens .
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