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Administration Building

Administration Building

Virtual Idaho Commons

Virtual Idaho Commons

Skydome Learning Center

Skydome Learning Center

Water Tower

Virtual Fistulated Cows


Getting Started with Second Life

Getting Started Guide

This guide will walk you through creating your account in Second Life and downloading and installing the Second Life Viewer.

Download a PDF of the Getting Started Guide


How to Find Your Classes

Each instructor using Idahonia should provide you aSLurl to help you get to your class meeting location. SLurls are booksmarks for Second Life® and allow your avatar to teleport directly to a location. We have some guides to help you find your particular class.

Getting to Accounting Virtual Lectures


Updating Your Audio and Video Drivers

For Second Life to work properly, all users must make sure their audio and video drivers are current. These training guides will walk you through the process of updating your audio and video card drivers.

Updating Your Audio Drivers- Windows XP

Updating Your Video Drivers- Windows XP

Updating Your Audio Drivers- Windows 7 and Vista

Updating Your Video Drivers- Windows 7 and Vista

Mac OS Software Update

Download and Install Quicktime

Quicktime drivers are used to play video within Second Life. It is necessary for you to have Quicktime installed on the computer that will be running Second Life.

Download Quicktime

Further Help

We have created a series of step-by-step user guides to help you learn how to use Second Life. Each of these guides are availabe in PDF form.

How to Move Your Avatar

How to Talk and Hear Others

How to Use Landmarks

How to Change Your Avatar's Appearance

How to Text Chat

How to Use Your Inventory

How to Teleport to Idahonia for the First Time

If you are using a version 1.23 based viewer, please click here for a set of documents for that viewer type.

Second Life can be accessed from a variety of viewers.  Please visit the Third Party Viewer page to learn about more options.


What is Second Life?
Second Life Support
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