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SOIL 557 – Advanced Soil Genesis & Classification

Tentative Lecture Schedule

Fall 2012

Date Topic
T Aug. 21 Course overview
Th Aug. 23 Concepts of soil genesis
T Aug. 28 Soil horizons
Th Aug. 30 Soil horizons
T Sept. 4 Soil classification overview
Th Sept. 6 Gelisols, Histosols
T Sept. 11 Spodosols, Andisols
Th Sept. 13 Oxisols, Vertisols
T Sept. 18 Aridisols, Ultisols, Mollisols
Th Sept. 20 Alfisols, Inceptisols, Entisols
T Sept. 25 Soil orders wrap-up
Th Sept. 27 World Reference Base for Soil Resources
T Oct. 2 Modeling pedogenesis
Th Oct. 4 Chronosequences
T Oct. 9 Lithosequences, toposequences
Th Oct. 11 Climosequences, biosequences
T Oct. 16 OPEN
Th Oct. 18 Soil-forming processes
T Oct. 23 OM accumulation, biocycling, lessivage
Th Oct. 25 Mid-term Quiz
T Oct. 30 De/calcification, podzolization, andosolization
Th Nov. 1 Gleization, pedoturbation
T Nov. 6 Desilication/silicification, cumulization/erosion
Th Nov. 8 Soil C dynamics
T Nov. 13 Soil C dynamics
Th Nov. 15 Hydropedology
  Nov. 18-20 Fall Break – no class
T Nov. 27 Soil inventory - past, present, and future
Th Nov. 29 Soil inventory
T Dec. 4 Student presentations
Th Dec. 6 Student presentations