Urban Heat Island Effect

g) Conclusion

Urban Heat Island (UHI) is a global issue that affects cities all around the world. The causes and effects of UHI have been clearly identified, which is a critical step in mitigation planning. The area where UHI mitigation is lacking is the acknowledgement of how climate change will affect UHI. Although the exact impacts of climate change are unknown, a global increase in temperature will undeniably amplify the problems associated with UHI. The case studies presented in this Part are only two success stories on how cities are combating UHI. Chicago and New York City have taken a proactive approach and piloted programs to help model practical and effective UHI mitigation.


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Section b) Why is Urban Heat Island a concern?

Section c) How Climate Change will affect UHI

Section d) Measuring the Urban Heat Island Effect

Section e) How can Urban Heat Island be Remediated?

Section f) Mitigation at Local/Regional/National Level

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(By Kiersten Lee/Gregory Möller)