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Anna Thompson

Assistant to Policy Coordinator

University of Idaho



Contacts and Resources

  • Finance and Administration, Vice President:  885-6174

  • General Counsel:  885-6125

  • Human Resources, Assistant Vice President:  885-3478

  • Policy Coordinator/Faculty Secretary's Office:  885-6151

  • Provost & Executive Vice President:  885-6448

  • Registrar:  885-6731

  • Research, Vice President:  885-4989

  • University Advancement, Vice President:  885-6154

  • The University of Minnesota Policy Library website contains many links and tools for policy development. This site was very helpful while developing our site and we thank them for allowing us to link to their site.  Particularly helpful are the Writer's Tools and Guide to Writing Policy links at  http://policy.umn.edu/developing-policies


University of Idaho, Moscow, ID, 83844