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Anna Thompson

Assistant to Policy Coordinator

University of Idaho



Emergency Policies:

The President may adopt, amend or suspend a policy without prior notice and comment, or upon any abbreviated notice and comment that is practicable, if it is established that a failure to act promptly will result in serious prejudice to the interests of the University or of the parties concerned.  A policy adopted, amended or suspended under this subsection is temporary and may be effective for a period of not longer than 180 days. See FSH 1460 C-3.

Any policy in this situation will be listed below as well as in the Excel tracked policies document: 


President memo regarding emergency policy FSH 2400

FSH 2400 - University Disciplinary Process for Alleged Violations of the Student Code of Conduct

FSH 1640.83 - Student Conduct Board


President memo regarding emergency policy FSH 3320

FSH 3320 - Faculty Annual Performance Evaluation

FSH 3320 - Faculty Annual Evaluation Form



President memo regarding emergency policy - FSH 3050

FSH 3050 - Position Descriptions

Position Description Form 1



President Memo regarding Emergency Policy - FSH 5650

      FSH 5650 - Financial Conflicts of Interest in Public Health Service Research (supersedes Public Health Service funded research regulations of FSH 5600 and supplements FSH 3170, 6240)



       FSH 2350 - Sexual Harassment & Sexual Violence Policy Pertaining Specifically to Students


FSH 3710 - Addition R - Furlough - Fiscal Year 2010  - removed and replaced with FSH 3450 on University Faculty Meeting agenda for May 5, 2011



Track a Policy (Excel spreadsheets by year)  




















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