Principles of Vegetation Measurement & Assessment
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Module 4 - Defining & Monitoring Plant Community Health

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Lesson Instructions

  1. Read through the Overview and Learning Objectives.
  2. Complete the Required Reading.
  3. Read and review the Lectures.
  4. Visit suggested Internet Sites in the lectures.
  5. Check the schedule for the required Assignment.
  6.  Complete assignments and submit by Blackboard:
      Summary Assignment due by Midnight on Tuesday, September 18.

Learning Materials


Required Reading:


Slides Lecture

  • Lesson 1 - Monitoring Protocols

  • Lesson 2 - Assessing Rangeland Health

  • Lesson 3 - Forest Inventory and Health Assessment.



What this Lesson Covers


It is clear that there are many ways to measure and monitor plant communities. But, one illusive goal of land managers is to assess "how healthy the land is."  When we go to the doctor, many indicators and attributes are measures to examine our health. For example, the doctor or nurse measures our blood pressure, weight, heart rate, and lung congestion.  But, the bottom line is... we want to know what is wrong or if we are healthy.

Land managers ask these same questions of the plant communities they manage.  Several protocols have been created to determine vegetation community health. In this module we would explore protocols designed to assess Rangeland Health (Lesson 2) and Forest Health (Lesson 3).  Focus of assignments will be on Rangeland Health and examining Ecological Sit Descriptions (ESDs) when evaluating site potential.

Learning Objectives

After this module you will be able to:

  • Describe the basic approach to assessment of rangeland and forest health.

  • Understand the value of add quantitative values to qualitative descriptions of vegetation communities

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