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Archival Footage for Commercial Use
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Video Production Center
University of Idaho

1.         Contact the VPC and arrange to speak with one of our staff who will discuss your needs with you.  Contact the VPC at 208-885-0569 or

2.         Once we have determined that our archive can serve you, we will search our archives and select clips for your project (research fee $63/hr).  These clips will be window dubbed to DVD or VHS tape and sent directly to you for review ($24 per window dub tape or disc).

3.         You choose the shots you want and send us a log list specifying reel numbers and time code ins and outs.  You must also complete an Archival Footage Agreement and send it to us with payment and shot list before we proceed. 

4.         We dub your selections to new tape stock (BetaSp, DVCam, or digital video clip on DVD-ROM).  Each shot typically has a 2-second pre-roll and post-roll for easy editing.   This dub master is sent to you.

5.         Payment can be made by check or money order, made payable to �UI Video Production Center�.

            a.         Usage rates are $10/sec, with a 10 second minimum.
            b.         For any footage purchased beyond 60 seconds, the rate is $7.50/sec.
            c.         Other charges include:   
                           i.          research fee ($63/hr)
                           ii.         window dub charge ($39/ 1-hr tape or DVD)
                          iii.         final dub charge ($36/tape)
                          iv.         shipping charges
            d.         The current UI G&A tax and Idaho sales tax will be added to all charges.


University of Idaho, Moscow, ID, 83844