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Combine the power of voice and video with the potential of the internet to reach across space and time.

With streaming media, you send audio-video lectures, seminars, and training to individuals across campus or across the world.   And you do so at a time that's convenient for them, using Access-on-Demand.   Or, you can webcast live to individuals who are absent due to distance, cost, or time constraints.  

For Access-on-Demand, VPC can record your sessions at nearly any location on campus, in town, or on a field trip.  The level of video coverage can range from a single camera on-location to multiple camera coverage of a large event.  Or you can choose to use voice-only to make your program available to those with slower internet connections.

VPC then encodes the recorded material for you, compacting them to file sizes that can travel internet channels.  We then upload them to a Real Media streaming server and provide you with the hyperlink to place on your web page.

Users go to your web page to access the streaming files which are played with your webpage in the background.  This gives you the opportunity to provide them with any other written instructions, supplemental materials, or announcements. 

Contact the Video Production Center to take advantage of the power of the net to extend your reach.

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