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Camera Tapings & Event Recording

    The Video Production Center offers a range of recording services to meet a variety of needs.   Our studio and control room are located in Room 030 of the UI Student Union Building.

Basic Camcorder Taping
            This is a basic recording option that produces a quick and simple VHS tape for internal uses such as time-shifting a class session for an absentee student, review of student presentations, documentation of a meeting, etc.   Use this when cost is factor and quality is not.

Digital Video Taping - Single Camera
            This recording option combines the basics of a single camera set up with digital sound and picture quality.  Use this for guest speakers and events where the ´┐Żaction´┐Ż is centralized in one area easily covered by the single camera.  For multiple microphone situations, this option is able to take audio from the crew doing your PA mixing.  It is also capable of feeding a webcasting system. The recording can be transferred to VHS tape, DVD, or streaming media.  

Mini 2-Camera Production - Digital Recording
            The ability to switch between two camera angles provides smoother coverage of an event, interview, or meeting with Q&A.  This is a good option for live webcasting of a training session or meeting, or when you want to create a program for external use. 

 Multi-Camera Production - Digital Recording
            This is the option for comprehensive coverage of large events, meetings, performances, a live telecast, or large screen projection.  Flexible configuration allows up to six cameras, multiple recorders and playback, full-screen graphics, and multiple outputs to feed webcasts, projectors, overflow, or telecast.
            The Multi-camera unit is a portable video production system for location event production.  When at home in the VPC Control Room it serves the VPC studio and the Bruce Pitman Center venues

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