Emotional Environments
  • The Problem:
    • Understanding how to design an environment to address the needs of the VRET. Designers
      must ask themselves questions such as:
      • How does the language of architectural design translate (not transliterate) into the
        virtual realm?
      • How does the language of design affect people?
      • How do designers use this language to create emotional responses in individuals?
      • How do designers create the Virtual Reality Environments to create the emotional response without under
        designing (not achieve the desired emotional response) or over‚Äźdesigning (take the
        desired emotional response to an extreme or serve level)?
  • The Project:
    • In a space (100x100x100 meters maximum), create one of the following emotion evoking situations.
      • Uneasy not dread or angst
      • Privacy not isolation
      • Protection (safe) not imprisonment
      • Happiness not Euphoria