History Role Playing Simulation
  • The History Role Playing simulation was created for Dr. Ian Chambers in support of his class: Hist412: Revolutionary North America and Early National Period, 1763-1828
  • The students in the class took on the role of a delegate who were present during the debates and creation of the Constitution of the United States. The students debated and developed the foundation of the constitution from the position of their delegate.
  • Professor Chambers took on the roles as King George III and General George Washington.
  • The role playing was in support of the traditional lecture, readings and discussions held in the physical classroom. The environment created for the simulation included buildings inspired by Independence Hall, Carpenters' Hall and Tun Tavern circa 1775.

  • Student responses to the class included:
    • "It was interesting because we actually got to be the people we learn about which is a good way of learning. i think that it was a good learning experience because we got to view what the towns looked like, and the architecture, more over i found it interesting to see how the discussions and debates happened."
    • "I thought the addition of the virtual world to our class was beneficial. Gathering for group assignments is much easier and more comfortable in the virtual world setting. I believe that the virtual world has immense potential in the classroom setting."

  • The simulation was a Virtual Technology and Design senior capstone design project developed by VTD senior Daniel Horne.
  • Click here to visit this simulation in Second Life®.
Independence HallAssembly Room